RIP Tour Review – Halloween Horror Nights 6

RIP Tour – The ultimate way to experience Halloween Horror Nights 6. Check out our exclusive review of the 2016 RIP Tour experience.

Requests for my review on Singapore’s HHN Rest in Peace (RIP) Tours come in all the time. Despite last year’s full review, there are still requests for a report on HHN6 RIP Tour.

This review is based on my group’s RIP + BTS bundle tour package experience.

Lightning Review: HHN6 RIP Tour

With 5 haunted houses and Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus show this year, there are 6 must-see HHN6 attractions to hit within 5-6 hours. For those who can’t be bothered with the HHN6 Survival Guide, then RIP Tour is the next best option, if you are willing to splurge. And if you only want to spend ONE night to experience the event, then the RIP Tour is the way to go.

This premium tour option surprisingly offers the best value when Express passes become (very) dynamically priced. Just think about it for a peak night: General Admission at $69, and Express Plus Pass typically going for $130. That’s $199.

RIP Tour on Peak nights is priced at $228*, and you get a lot more than just one-time express access to houses and rides.

With the increased turnout for RIP Tours this year, we can expect the prices to go up again next year.

Pricing Note: $228 is the highest rate for an RIP Tour during a Peak night. Rate differs across different nights and discounts are available – scroll down for more details.

Peek behind the curtains of darkness (BTS Bundle only)

Are you guys ready to go behind the screams with me?

For $238, you can get the RIP + Behind the Screams (BTS) bundle tour and start your HHN6 experience before the nightfall. The BTS experience is similar to media preview tour held the week before, except that some aspects were streamlined. Photography is allowed during BTS tours this year – so bring your cameras.

The BTS tour brings guests through the Hawker Centre Massacre and Salem Witch House haunted houses in the day. I won’t go into details of the tour here since I’ve already posted a report on it, but expect tour groups to be filled with curious guests, many who are HHN newbies.

Those in my group commented that another house could be chosen for the tour – Hawker Centre Massacre was “too ordinary” and we ended up walking around, without a word, through the second half amidst loud sound effects. Our tour guide couldn’t elaborate much about it, because there is frankly not much to say.

Over at Salem Witch House however, our guide elaborated on the various backstories about the witches and its frightening rooms. This is something that you can’t get from the HHN website or anywhere else online – because I’m also not going writing about the house’s secrets. 🙂

The layout of these two houses also made our large group challenging to manage. Often, the group is split up between scenes and could not hear the guide and producer explaining the scenes and effects.

One big improvement is the pacing: it didn’t feel as rushed as last year’s, and the walking has been minimised.

Also, note that the Guide for BTS Tour is unlikely to be the same for RIP Tour later that night.

For more photos and our full report, jump to the Behind The Screams (2016) Special Feature →

The RIP Tour Guide – The Surgeon

Each tour group (up to 12 guests, unless one pays for a private tour) will have its own Guide, known as the Surgeon. These zombie Surgeons will plan the whole night to perfection, ensuring that all haunted houses are covered, and that time is maximised so that guests can enjoy the all-new entertainment lined-up at HHN6.

They already know the park inside out, so they always know what to do next, keeping in mind the requests from their guests. Don’t want to go on the rides, and want to revisit houses instead? That can be arranged.

Oh, the Surgeons are always eager to share backstories and fun facts about all the haunt venues – so ask away!

Buffet Dinner at Hollywood China Bistro

The RIP Tour includes a $20 meal voucher, which can be used at the Hollywood China Bistro prior to HHN6. Otherwise, you can use it at participating restaurants during HHN6.

Well it’s not fine dining, and certainly not the healthiest theme park food – but nothing beats having a good meal before the madness starts. And it makes sure that your entire group arrives on time.

Experience the Opening Scaremony, up-close

The Opening Scaremony is the first show at HHN6 that sets the tone for the night. Most RIP guests would want to view it and be immersed in the whole experience. For the first time, the front section of Hollywood is reserved for RIP Tour guests and VIPs.

Last year, the viewing area was in the middle of Hollwyood boulevard as the action took place all over the street. In HHN4, RIP guests had a view from the side (near Minion Mart). I couldn’t speak for HHN3, because my guide back then decided to start the tour late and bypass the Opening Scaremony altogether.

Only those at the front could see scare actors walking towards Lady Death.

And yes, they did the rush as well.

Bypass the long queues

Of course, the top reason why people sign up for RIP Tours. To casually walk past the massive queues and right into the haunted houses…

While the other guests are stuck in the metal and rope pens.

The truth is, this event has exploded in popularity and if you visit on a peak day, be prepared to queue and queue all night. On 14/15 October, the park saw over 10,000 guests every night.

Some people only manage to visit 2 out of 5 houses. The queue area was not even sufficient that the line flowed out onto the streets. It was madness!

Massive jam outside Hu Li’s Inn queue area.

What RIP Tour offers is VIP Access. This is faster than Halloween Horror Nights Express, which may still have some wait.

The queue for Salem Witch House was almost completely full.

Typically, if a haunted house has a 2.5 hour wait, the Express line may take up to 15-30 minutes. VIP Access? Maximum 2-3 minutes. VIP Access is only available during your 3-hour tour.

Due to overflow, the line for Old Changi Hospital started at Suicide Forest, and not here.

On a very crowded saturday, the express line was full at some haunted houses, pushing the wait time towards 30 minutes. That means the normal line would move slower, too.

Bodies of Work queue snaked around Waterworld Theatre. There was also a bit of a jam at the entrance.

Well, RIP Tour guests get none of this, but a straight road to the front of the line.

After the 3-hour RIP Tour ends, tour guests may use the Halloween Horror Nights Express Unlimited Pass to skip the normal queues for the rest of the night – again and again. This highly-coveted wristband is valid for almost all attractions, and of course the 5 haunted houses – definitely very useful for haunt fans!

The only caveat is this Express Unlimited Pass is not valid for use at Canopy Flyer, and front-row access to rides, and Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus (after the tour).

A private meeting with an icon

RIP Guests have a VIP area to meet one of this year’s iconic characters at an exclusive VIP area.

Specially for RIP guests is a meeting with Lady Death, this year’s lead icon. Note that the iconic characters’ schedule of appearance varies every night and it is possible to meet other characters, including Pontianak and Damien Shipman here. If there’s a particular character you would like to meet, let your Guide know early so that they can try to arrange – but no guarantees!

Grab the best seats for Jack’s Nightmare Circus

Like the original Jack’s Nightmare Circus, this show gets filled up – fast! The best seats in the house are hotly contested, with some fans queuing up outside the theaters before the doors open.

RIP Tours will bypass all the queues here, and the central front area is already reserved for them.

Visit the secret sixth haunted house

Well, not really the sixth haunted house, but the VIP Reception Lobby is also transformed into a haunted hospital. That is why all of the zombified Surgeons have been unleashed.

There’s actually a backstory to the haunted hospital this year, with clues scattered all over the lounge.

Names of this year’s Surgeons (RIP Guides)!

Recognise anything from a haunted house two years ago?

The VIP Restroom has a surprise as well.

If you revisit the lounge late at night, you may be treated to a mini show by the RIP Tours team.

HHN6 RIP Tour: the full details

Priced at S$178 ($228 on PEAK nights), the Rest in Peace (RIP) Tour offers the ultimate Halloween Horror Nights 6 experience with VIP front-of-line access and other special perks.

RIP Tour are non-exclusive (unless one pays for a full booking of 12 guests) and can accommodate up to 12 guests per tour group.

RIP Tour Entitlements

• VIP access to ALL haunted houses, scare zones and select attractions
• 1 x Admission ticket to Halloween Horror Nights 6
• 1 x Halloween Horror Nights Express Unlimited Pass
• 1 x R.I.P. Tour credential, lanyard and glow stick
• 1 x $20 meal voucher OR buffet dinner at Hollywood China Bistro
• Private meet and greet with a HHN6 icon
• Complimentary welcome drink at the VIP reception
• 10% off select merchandise at Universal Studios Singapore retail outlets
• 10% off total bill at Universal Studios Singapore F&B outlets
• One-for-one promotion on photo prints

Off-Peak and PEAK dates

Off-Peak Nights: 30 Sep, 6, 13, 20, 27, 30, 31 Oct.
PEAK Nights: 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 Oct.

RIP Tour Discounts

Students’ Special: $128 per guest
Only valid on 30 Sep, 6, 13, 20, 27, 30, 31 Oct.

RWS Invites, RWS Invites Attraction, Attraction Season Pass Special: $148 ($188 on PEAK nights) for the member only.

Maybank Card Holders: $158 ($198 on PEAK nights) per guest

Behind the Screams (Bundle)

A 1.5-hour backstage tour can be included with the RIP Tour for bundle rate of $238 (Price is the same for both Off-Peak and PEAK dates).

BTS can also be bundled with the day-time Universal Studios Singapore VIP Tour for $338.

Interested in the RIP Tour?

Please contact RWS Tour Operations at 65-65776077, or email at, for reservations. Limited slots are available for walk-ins. Book your slots early to avoid disappointment!

Expanded HHN6 Event Coverage

Don’t miss our HHN6 REVIEW Megapost and if you’re heading to the event soon, head over to this year’s Survival Guide for killer tips and tricks.

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