Suicide Forest – Halloween Horror Nights 6

Lose yourself to darkness of the Suicide Forest, a scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights 6.


This post includes photos taken at the Suicide Forest scare zone across multiple nights. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this creepy forest.

Due to multiple cast members performing the same roles, there may be some repeated characters.

Overview and Thoughts

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Suicide Forest is this year’s only zone where you’ll get legitimately scared, with the more-than-beautiful execution of the March of the Dead. It is also very easy for groups to break up and people to go missing (for a while) inside, due to its design.

The Forest is inspired by Aokigahara (with that famous sign recreated), which makes it easy for all guests to grasp its concept. But the name is also a double-edged sword, since it can be problematic should there be any real-life incidents – which is probably why marketing seems to have skimmed on this zone.

Similar to last year’s Hungry Ghosts scare zone, each sub-zone is themed separately. There is a place with creepy dolls, a crash site, a gathering of students, and then a spooky tunnel guarded by monsters. Each of them function separately, which is why the soundscapes are overall inconsistent and disparate. Occasionally the audio loops cut off abruptly as well.

Apart from the car crash, the forest is littered with trees that are filled with creepy things. There are no memorable sets apart from that abandoned train tunnel – which only had sound and light effects inside. Not sure if this was to allow the zone to hold more guests – the choke points of the past were gone because there’s no bottlenecks except for the tunnel – but that could be bypassed (or even missed entirely).

The photos in this entry are arranged in my ‘suggested’ path around the forest: keep to the right from the start.

Dear visitors,
Be warned! Evil entities have been sighted inside the forest.
Do not enter alone as it may seal your fate.
Think once more about the life you were given before journeying inside.
In case of sightings: 1800-999-6666

Even at the entrance of the Forest, some people are already.. lost.

Have you seen.. her?

A girl on a swing…

And another girl, wishing on her own…

The loud noise from a crashed car draws people in – and the victims are coping from the traumatic shock.

But maybe someone wants to destroy the evidence, and eliminate witnesses.

Be careful when you journey on – the evil spirits lingering within are well-disguised.

The only way forward is through an abandoned train tunnel…

Lonely students linger around the next area.

After an unfriendly encounter with a troubled businessman, the path opens into a glade with creepy dolls.

And some of them are possessed.

Note: This is usually the place where the best scares happen, and in all the confusion, people tend to get split up and go missing (temporarily) here.

Have a safe journey home.

Did you lose yourself in the Suicide Forest?

Post a comment about your encounters in this creepy forest.

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