March of the Dead – Halloween Horror Nights 6

Join in the festivities of death and beyond in the March of the Dead scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights 6!


This post features photos of the most beautiful scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights 6. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about the zone.

Overview and Thoughts

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Wow, what an incredibly gorgeous zone!

The March of the Dead is inspired by Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a festival from Mexico that honours the dead with lively celebrations. But the creative team has made it a rather solemn affair. It’s not really dead, but it felt like we’ve crashed into someone’s funeral. It’s chilling, a bit glacial in its pacing – such a contrast from last year’s The Invaders where everyone is running amok most of the time, and there were blinding lights and loud sound effects all over the place.

Unlike Suicide Forest and past scare zones in New York, the March of the Dead is very well-lit, with no areas for scare actors to hide and startle guests. That does not seem to be the intention, rather, it looked like the space was crafted for photography. Most of the performers have LED lights shining on their face so that you can see their beautiful sugar skull makeup and masks – and photograph them well.

Besides, the entire zone needs to be clear for the Death March procession when it arrives at New York three times a night. The parade is a spectacle – albeit a small-scale one – which we will prominently showcase in its own feature.

Back to the scare zone: There seems to be at most, 12-13 scare actors here at any time, making this possibly the ‘lightest’ zone attempted in New York. The rest of the cast, such as the dancers and band, are part of Lady Death’s cavalcade. The execution reminded me of the scare zones at Hollywood zone in the first two years, before it was used for Opening Scaremony shows. Good theming and atmosphere, sparse scares so that people can pass through easily.

March of the Dead


In Part One, we’ll explore the scare zone as a whole. This is because there are too many photos of the Death March that it needs a separate entry.

So first, let us take a look at The most beautiful people of the scare zone™.

There are only a handful of props along New York street – all are elaborate display items honouring Lady Death. And some of them are mobile.

The altars are treated with utmost respect.

And the welcoming party takes their dance very seriously when Lady Death arrives.

So really, this is a place with awesome outfits and makeups. But as for the zone itself…

There really isn’t anything much if you benchmark against past years’ zones. But still, very nice for photos.

At least there’s dazzlement at The Resurrection stage show, which begins when the Death March arrives.

The Resurrection

After the Death March completes its tour around the park, Lady Death arrives for an unusual ritual.

Lady Muerte! We have been expecting you.

Two volunteers (or victims) are picked from the crowd. Unfortunately they had no idea what they signed up for.

I AM ETERNAL… If you are life… I AM DEATH.


The girl is sacrificed, and demons arise.

The guy isn’t spared either.


The guy disappears in flames, and Lady Death vanishes. The Death March departs, returning the March of the Dead scare zone into a graceful slumber – until Lady Death returns.

The Party commences in PART TWO: Death March

Watch the night parade in PART TWO: Death March →

How was the ethereal March of the Dead?

Post a comment about your encounters with the revelers of Death.

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