Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus – Halloween Horror Nights 6

Jack returns with his all-new Recurring Nightmare Circus show at Halloween Horror Nights 6! Will the new killer acts survive the night?


This post includes photos of Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus show. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this show.

As we shot the show across several performances on different nights, there are some roles portrayed by different performers in this post.

Overview and Thoughts

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Without a doubt, this show is a greatly improved iteration of the original Nightmare Circus (2014). I’ve always felt that the original was a bit draggy, even though The Recurring Nightmare version is about the same length.

Similar to the original, Jack has returned to stage his Recurring Nightmare Circus with his band of misfitting ‘Maniacs’. New acts are brought in – they are all different, but yet meet a fatal end when Jack decides to ‘get rid’ of the competition.

While there is no Gordo Gamsby to amp the shock factor, the show has death-defying acts such as Deadly Games (from America’s Got Talent) and the deceptively ‘safe’ Rola Bola. The show starts off with a Hair Hang, and even has a filler ‘gameshow’ segment known as the Short Fuse. All these acts feel more integrated together, compared to the original Nightmare Circus.

Some of the songs used in the original Circus have endured, though the lengthy dance segments are now gone. Overall the show has much better pacing, which makes re-watching it a delight.

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The show begins with the Little Girl and Shorty on stage, and he plays a familiar tune. Pop goes the weasel.

She peeks at the curtains, which promptly rises to reveal a Jack in a Box.

Jack’s Back!

The Hair Hanger screams as she rises from the top of the box, while Jack violently bursts through.

I want to introduce you to my maniacs…

This is my favourite trick… Ain’t she a treat?

Don’t let her sweet and innocent act fool you…

I keep him around because he has a certain… flare (flair)!

It’s time for my favorite game… WHACK-A-HEAD!

Hairy, Scary are thrown towards the Little Girl, but Mary has something else planned..

The trio begs Jack… to allow them to strip off their tops.

At last, we complete this twisted deck of cards with… You!

The maniacs dance off to Time Warp (from the classic Rocky Horror Picture Show), while Jack goes off-stage to find new recruits.

Unfortunately one guest was captured and brought on stage.

This next act I like to call.. The Short Fuse!

You’re gonna pick it, he’s gonna bite it, and we’ll light it!

And if we’re lucky, ol’ phonehead here will do a face swap! Literally!

Fortunately for the victim, the firecrackers chosen didn’t go off, so Jack has reluctantly decided to let the guy go.. Until..

Something was discovered lying around backstage.

We can’t let you leave the stage without a photo with the maniacs!

The lighting’s all off. Perhaps we could use a… flash?

This bomb did go off, though, after a brief chaotic moment.

Ah damn it – Photobombed! Oh I know – I’m proud of myself.

As a bonus, you can watch this entire act in this video:

I think it’s time we watch some pros.. in action. GIRLS!!

The Girls dance to Sexy Silk.

The Headliner: Deadly Games

I stole this next act from America’s Got Talent!

Alfredo and Anna performs a dangerously beautiful series of knife throwing stunts.

He needs to be cut down to size!

The roaring response from the audience has angered Jack.

The Headliner: Rola Bola

This is the part… where you do something.

Hailing from Ukraine, Mikhail attempts to strike a balance between awe and shock in their death-defying Rola Bola performance.

Yes, I see it now, One Trick Pony’s Nightmare Circus!

The Headliner: Aerial Silk

This next act really.. ties it up together.

Late in the season, ZhenYa replaces Mikhail’s Rola Bola act with aerial silk acrobatics.

And that’s what I call, a headliner…

The guest stars will be ‘beheaded’ when Jack becomes extremely jealous of the attention they’re getting.

One two, I’m coming for you…

The show ends with an epic dance mash-up of Darkside, Clown Song, #SELFIE, Circus, I’m Not Afraid (Ghostbusters), I Fink You Feeky.

Now get out!!

Are you now having recurring nightmares?

Share with us about your favourite moments of the show!

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