Hu Li’s Inn – Halloween Horror Nights 6

Give in to temptation at Hu Li’s Inn, a haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 6.


This post includes photos taken inside the Hu Li’s Inn haunted house, featuring some memorable sights detailing the experience and design of this attraction. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this haunted house.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights.

Overview and Thoughts

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Oh wow, we’re finally at our last haunted house special feature!

Hu Li’s Inn lures you in with a massive marquee, and a grand facade – but it is essentially a ‘pop-up’ club where the supernatural beings have set up a restaurant – and you are on the menu.

The various demons in this nightclub are based on Chinese mythology – from fox spirits, snakes, to spiders and the lot. Thus those unfamiliar might be wondering what’s happening – the beautiful ladies in this club are turning into cannibals? No, they’ve been in a disguise at the start all along, though their transformations were not perfect – look carefully for the little signs. The nightclub also reverts to its true form when the spell breaks away.

This is the first time the park has built a haunted house at the bay beside the Revenge of the Mummy show building. It is impressive that many scenes were packed into its compact layout. The walkthrough experience felt substantial, in fact it feels longer than Old Changi Hospital sometimes. The nice thing about this house is how the illusion quickly breaks in the middle, and the scares become very intense. In the second half, you are relentlessly assaulted by the demons at every turn.

It’s a shame the park didn’t play old songs in the queue area though, as that would really help ease guests into the otherwise barren waiting area. Old Changi Hospital has that chilling track with dogs barking, Bodies of Work has the radio station (which actually reports on the Shipman tragedy), and Salem Witch House has its own ‘Salem’s Secret’ playing. Instead, we only hear some of the oldies only when we’re next to the Old Shanghai Building – and some of the songs… didn’t exist in the 1930s era. (Oops?)

A flashy marquee draws us into a mysterious corner of the park…

where this ‘Great Shanghai’ building has suddenly appears.

Some ‘easter eggs’ are hidden in the building’s signages. Take for example: 極樂蓮花煙館, the name of the ‘Paradise Lotus Opium den’, but the faded 魂銷 above it means to ‘sell one’s soul’.

Old posters, and a faint mix of old Chinese songs…

常夏开在枝头上 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你…
月下的花儿都入梦 只有那夜来香 吐露著芬芳…


None of the stores are open.

There seems to be some activity behind the building, though.

Come on in, our girls have been waiting for you…

狐仙阁 (lit. Fox Club)

A beautiful lady is performing on stage, at an otherwise quiet nightclub.

Some patrons seem to be having a good time here..

Photo: Tong Ming

Hu Li welcomes us and sings…

夜上海 夜上海 你是个不夜城
华灯起 车声响 歌舞…

Night in Shanghai, you’re a city that never sleeps
The lights are bright, the sounds of cars, song and dance are…

She gestures to meet her backstage, and points the way to get there..

but instead…

You won’t be able to escape… Hahahahaha

We meet several men who have succumbed to the darkness within.

After some frightening encounters, we discover a corridor with portraits of beautiful women – Hu Li and her friends who ‘work’ here.

Some of them tried to warn us..

A door to a private room was open..

Did we interrupt something?

Narrowly escaping from the Snake Sisters, we face the White Bone Spirit at her throne.

Photo: Tong Ming

Luckily, there’s an exit nearby… but not before we meet another demon..

Escaping through the wall, we unfortunately landed in the Spider Spirit’s trap.

After untangling from her webs… the path leads into a dark cave.

Hu Li’s… quite busy right now.

You’re next.

Inside Hu Li’s Inn – Video

As a bonus, enjoy a video tour around Hu Li’s Inn. Spoiler alert!

Were you tricked by the illusions in Hu Li’s Inn?

Feel free to post your comments about your encounters at this supernatural nightclub, and your thoughts on this haunted house.

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