Death March – Halloween Horror Nights 6

Follow Lady Death’s procession as she tours around the park in the Death March, the first-ever night-time theatrical procession at Universal Studios Singapore!


This post features photos of the night parade at Halloween Horror Nights 6. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about the procession.

Overview and Thoughts

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How did the park’s first attempt at a night parade fare?

I’ve seen many night parades in Disney parks, so the bar is set quite high. But this Death March is certainly memorable – for its over-the-top seriousness and incredibly detailed costumes. Like its scare zone, is more like a funeral march honouring the dead, in a very stoic, undead way.

Covering parades is never easy because of the crowds choking up the pathways; but because the Death March is light parade, it is easier to move along the streets to follow it. With my group of friends I always call this task ‘Chasing the March’ – where we follow the procession from Egypt all the way till New York zone.

Curiously the ‘band’ is dressed in mariachi outfits, but they are not playing mariachi style music – instead it is a percussion ensemble. Perhaps it is too difficult to put together groups of violinists and guitarists in such short notice – and not to mention people who can sing in Spanish. Well, they still look good, though.

March of the Dead


In this second half of the March of the Dead Special Feature, we will look at the Death March procession. For general photos of the scare zone and The Resurrection stage show, head to Part One →

For this entry, the photos will be presented as if you are following the parade along its route.

Starting from the Ancient Egypt section of the park, the Death March is a night parade that goes around the park in an anti-clockwise direction. The performers do make a full loop around the park, but they do not perform along the Sci-Fi City section.

When Lady Death is near a zone, the area music shifts into a chilling pulse – as if the life of the zone is taken away.

The ravishing icon leads the procession on her giant sugar skull float.

Joining her cavalcade is the percussion ensemble, dancers, and other dapper revelers.

There is also a glass coffin, with a skeleton completely accessorised in gold jewelry.

With hypnotic drumbeats, the procession leaves Ancient Egypt and the tour begins…

Lady Death tours Universal Studios Singapore

Casting a shadow at Old Changi…

Through persistent marshaling from the event crew, guests form neat rows along the parade route to meet Lady Death and her followers.

She appears pleased with the Suicide Forest.

As long as we both… shall live…

The narrow path at Far Far Away lets viewers enjoy the procession up close.

This looks like an album cover.

With only some street lamps kept running during HHN, the Death March illuminates the streets with an ethereal glow.

Over at Hollywood, Lady Death passes a giant version of herself at the Icon Stage.

Arrival at March of the Dead

When the procession approaches New York, the ensemble switches to a faster rhythm.

The People of March of the Dead prepare their solemn greetings, with some dancing with the lively beats.

The Ensemble

After Lady Death goes on stage for the Resurrection, the Death March splits, with the Sugar Skull departing first. The percussion ensemble becomes the lead for the returning leg of the Death March.

The Departure

After The Resurrection completes, the Death March departs for its return leg.

DEATH MARCH Highlights Video

As a bonus, enjoy a highlights video of the Death March to hear its hypnotic music.

Admittedly, this is not a good video because it was taken in between photos – and I did not have the chance to make sure the exposure is correct for video. Often I am running around because certain characters look best at specific sections of the park. It can be quite maddening.

And there we have it – the end of Death March, and the last Special Feature of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 6! Thank you all for your support for the past month.

Someone get me a drink.

So what happens now…

Will there be a bonus feature? We don’t know… yet.

We will still be at the park for the final nights of HHN6. Follow us on Instagram (@dejiki) as we will be posting more photos and Instagram Stories for LIVE updates at the park.

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Did you like the park’s first-ever Night Parade?

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