Behind The Screams of Halloween Horror Nights 6

Halloween Horror Nights 6: Behind The Screams Tour offers fans with lights-on tours of haunted houses and insights on how park characters are brought to life. Check out some highlights of this backstage tour here!

Behind The Screams (BTS) Tour is an add-on to the park’s HHN6 RIP Tour and USS VIP Tour packages. The tour is about 1.5 hours long. We’re here to give you a first look at this experience, with some highlights of the tour. This is not an exhaustive report on the full tour.


This post includes photos taken inside two HHN6 haunted houses, Hawker Centre Massacre and Salem Witch House, with the lights on.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights.

Our tour started with a lights-on walkthrough the Hawker Centre Massacre. For the second weekend, the creative team tweaked the entrance to the house with a new feature wall.

As not everyone may have experienced HHN6 haunted houses before their BTS tour, our tour guide gave us an overview of backstories of the haunted houses, including elements that are not publicised online.

For example, the source of the outbreak at the Hawker Centre Massacre, radioactive fish at Uncle Wang’s Fish Soup stall, was a sabotage attempt from a jealous rival.

Even in the day, Ulu Pandan Hawker Centre looked very gloomy.

There are some elements that are easily missed at night, such as these ‘fake’ ATMs. Cheeky.

Clever mix of real props and printed textures (similar to an art technique common in attraction design known as trompe l’oeil) – it’s very hard to tell at night.

But otherwise, a lot of the appliances are quite real.

The stall that started it all.

Touring around with the lights on lets you see every little detail – from the weathering paint work to all the (fake) insects that are scattered around. No wonder all the stalls are rated D for hygiene.

A lot of readers have been asking about the red buttons This is how it looks like. What does it do? Go inside the haunted house and test it yourself.

Technical producers accompanied us on our tour to explain the various animatronics and effects that were used in the houses, including some that are easily missed!

There are no scare actors during the lights on tour, but you can bet that the atmosphere is still creepy as ‘body parts’ are lying around and the effects are also kept running.

Next stop: Salem Witch House.

You thought the house was glowing in blue? Actually it’s brown.

As it is eternally nighttime inside, guests will be offered flashlights for a better (or actually more comfortable) experience. It is unsettling even without scare actors.

I know some guests always keep their heads down in haunted houses – because the floor seems more interesting for them… Do look up and around: The first scenes of Salem Witch House have high ceilings, there are numerous portraits all around, and somehow trees have started growing in.

The three modern-day ‘witches’ conduct the ritual in the sitting room. This circular rug is a prop that would move to levitate the performers resting on it.

Lots of creepy stuff can be seen all over Salem Witch House – it’s too dark or foggy to see them with just the show lights on.

Guests will get the full story of the characters in Salem Witch House, so feel free to ask questions as every section of the haunted house depicts a different time and space. The second floor of the house focuses on the character Elizabeth, for example. After entering the the ‘Witch’s Realm’ (the white room), you will be on a one-way street to the witch hunt, and then the Horned Demon’s realm.

I think I’ve already revealed too much.

Okay anyway – the next stop of our tour: Makeup and Costumes. Do you recognise these characters from past HHN events?

Over here, a makeup artist from USS Entertainment will elaborate on the various costumes and make-up techniques that will bring some 400 scare actors to life.

Costumes not only have to look right, but they have to feel like they belong to the various haunt attractions too, so that the scare actors can give fantastic performances on set.

This clown nurse outfit from Jack’s 3-Dementia (2014) has special UV paint applied to disorientate guests wearing the 3D glasses.

The highlight of the room: the live makeup demo, where guests can see a performer being transformed. Present at our tour was Damien Shipman from the Bodies of Work haunted house. This is the same character (and performer) featured in our Before Dark 3 article.

The makeup along forehead the nosebridge is done, while the jawline area is left undone so that we could see the seams of the special effects prosthetic.

Apparently Damien Shipman’s makeup can be done within an hour. The most complicated character this year is Lady Death.

USS has an army of over 100 makeup artists to help prepare performers’ looks every night.

You will also get to see the tools and various types of masks, foam latex prosthetics and appliances.

He’s almost ready for HHN6. Are you?

Check out our walkthroughs of Hawker Centre Massacre and Salem Witch House with scare actors!

Special Thanks to Resorts World at Sentosa for the BTS Tour Experience.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 – Behind The Screams Tour

Exclusively available as a bundle with HHN6 RIP Tour ($238) or USS VIP Tour ($338).
Tours are conducted on 1, 8, 15, 22, 28, 29, 30 October.
Tours will accommodate a maximum of 12 guests per group, with up to 2 groups per night.

Reservation is required and must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Contact RWS Tour Operations at 65-65776077, or email at, to make arrangements.

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