Bodies of Work – Halloween Horror Nights 6

The controversial Bodies of Work exhibition is now showing at Halloween Horror Nights 6.


This post includes photos taken inside the Bodies of Work haunted house, featuring some memorable sights detailing the experience and design of this attraction. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this haunted house.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights.

Overview and Thoughts

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This looks like the most interesting house this year. Bodies of Work has a story that can be experienced in a rather surreal manner through its unusual rooms. Subtle (and often recurring) elements in the gallery shed another side to the artist’s past. Many are easy to miss – thus guests should visit this house at least twice.

Also scattered around the Shipman Gallery are ‘happy’ home videos that inspired the unconventional, ‘mixed media’ art. Obviously the guilt of killing his family – even when it was an accident – drove him to produce grisly works, that are warped recreations of his family.

Compared to the last 4 houses staged at Waterworld queue, there are no complex effects that would hamper crowd flow for this year. The spinning bridge (The MRT) Gone. The hanging bags, sliding doors and strobe room? (The L.A.B)? Gone. The inflatable corridor (Possessions)? Gone too. And let’s not forget the infamous padded cell from The Insanitarium (2012). In place of all these disorienting effects: the carousel at the end, a major installation that may actually help hustle people out of the house at a steady pace… unless guests end up staying for another spin.

There are many unique characters in this house – were they all working at the Shipman gallery? I assume there are some unlucky visitors who became fodder for Damien’s new works. It’s interesting to see classic props and effects from past HHN being ‘up-cycled’ here.

Eagle-eyed guests will enjoy the unprecedented level of detail in this house: some things don’t look quite right emerging from the charred walls, and there are unconventional transitions between the scenes. The path curls around the elaborate sets, building up the suspense and momentum – especially in the second half. No other house this year has the same luxury of space to play with.

Due to the richness of this house’s design, this entry will feature nearly double the normal number of photos allocated for haunted house feature articles. We will also be posting extra photos on Instagram (@dejiki).

Before you enter the Shipman Gallery, peek at the newspaper article pasted over the gallery guide.

The gallery’s main entrance is sealed off by the police, and flowers were left around framed portraits of Damien’s family.

Through the side door, you will see a haunting photo of the family at an amusement park.

The staff in the gallery discovers that you have entered the gallery and become hostile.

The guard chases you into the workshop section, where you find some raw materials…

And a hint of the incident from the past, along with a possible source of the fire. Look around the TV.

You will soon discover some staff doing prep work. Move quickly through the storerooms where ‘victims’ are kept, or you might be next.

As the Bodies are pieced together and left to dry, you are free to explore the works that were completed…

The Boy’s Room – full of toys and things that were part of fun parties.

Now it is another sort of party altogether.

As you escape from a killer teddy bear, try not to crash into the next room, themed to Damien’s daughter.

Shattered dreams of becoming a ballerina.

Framed artworks… are coming alive.

Mind your head as you step through the torn, broken frames – and into an installation themed to Damien’s wife – and their wedding.

And then, Damien unveils his Masterpiece – a twisted carousel, an expression of the memory seen at the beginning.

The artist is present, and alive.

And so are some parts of the merry-go-round.

Not only the carousel is spinning. Be careful when you walk around – look at what Damien is holding.

After a round on his masterpiece, make your final escape through a dark cavern, but don’t do so blindly.

Did his new family entertain you?

You better say yes, because well – the two who disagreed are now part of the exhibition.

Did you enjoy Damien Shipman’s Bodies of Work?

Feel free to post your comments about Damien Shipman’s most controversial artworks, and your thoughts on this haunted house.

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