Halloween Horror Nights 6 – Before Dark 4

Uncover the final pieces of Halloween Horror Nights 6‘s elaborate setup, in the last issue of Before Dark.

UPDATE: Our Halloween Horror Nights 6 Review is now LIVE. Read it now! →

◂ Haunted Houses ▸

There is one haunted house which we’ve not seen much of, and that is Hu Li’s Inn. Well, feast your eyes to these attractive posters…

This is the Hu Li‘s haunted house, a supernatural nightclub operated with her dear friends: White Bone Spirit, White Snake and Green Snake.

Hu Li’s Poster

But don’t forget that beauty is but an illusion here… And dire fates await those who give in to temptation…

Here’s the full entrance to the queue. Express goes to the left, Normal line to the right. Looks like this will curve around backstage area and likely onto the service road behind Battlestar Galactica.

The haunted house takes place in a covered bay beside Revenge of the Mummy. Not a big space to work with, but I’d guess we’d have to run away from the mistresses’ unique traps, and meet some unique characters along the way. Like their boss, obviously.

Hu Li’s Inn will likely exit through the side of the Mummy ride building, coming out from here.

The Chinese words on the signage reads 狐仙阁 (lit. ‘Fox Spirit Club’), or ‘Fox Spirit Nightclub’. Hope you’re all ready to meet Miss Foxy.

Old Changi Hospital haunted house queue entrance – with modern USS wayfinding signs.

Looks like they got the vandalism on the building facade quite on point.

A full view of the Bodies of Work haunted house queue entrance.

The nearly-complete Salem Witch House queue entrance. There are beautiful expanses of queues plotted out, right after you step through these gates.

Hawker Centre Massacre looks the same like all the queues in the past years, until you look closer and realise the park has flipped the layout. As this haunted house takes place outside of Soundstage 28, the left-most lane is now used for Universal Express, while the exit is on the right.

The attraction warning and wait-time indicator could be placed somewhere further out, though? Looks quite hard to check when it’s chucked to the corner like this.

We’ve uncovered the name to this ill-fated chow town: Ulu Pandan Hawker Centre. From this photo alone (which is cropped to avoid spoiling the house layout): Seems like the entrance would be a rather ‘open’ view into the hawker centre’s seating area, and those who successfully escape would come out from the corridor on the right.

Hmm, wouldn’t it be easier to merge the exit with Salem Witch House? Or perhaps there’s something we can’t tell from outside the park.

◂ Opening Scaremony Stage ▸

Just some minor tweaking of the stage lights we saw last week. A few people have shared that the action will all take place on the stage this year. Late comers can witness the proceedings from the screen in the middle of Hollywood.

◂ March of the Dead ▸

Looks like there won’t be any more major elements added to this scare zone, and the other props would be mobile and part of the parade.

Some of the decor were further embellished.

The Skull float is now a bit more festive, and a short flight of stairs now accompany it.

The stage has a few blacklights and sfx projectors added, and here’s another shot showing the aerial rigging for a performer.

◂ Suicide Forest ▸

Who left the lights on at the Suicide Forest?

Flowers left behind, for the ones left behind.

Some rather moody shots of abandoned things.

The tunnel that opened the last week? Now extra sealed.

◂ HHN6 Official Merchandise Selection & Price List ▸

New Merchandise for Halloween Horror Nights 6 has landed at the park!

While Lady Death is the official icon for HHN6, all of the items are themed to Jack The Clown.

HHN6 Merchandise Price list

Pen – $4.90
Notepad – $4.90
Lanyard – $9.90
Bottle Opener Magnet – $9.90
Tumbler – $11.90
Mug – $12.90
Drawstring Bag – $12.90
Light-up Medal Necklace – $12.90
Jack the Ringmaster Vinyl Figurine – $16.90
Cap – $19.90
T-Shirt – $29.90

A mug to scare your family and co-workers with the face of Jack. $12.90

Pens topped with warning messages – tell everyone that Jack is Back! $4.90

You can grab a notepad with Jack’s scary mugshot for $4.90 too.

A flashy LED light-up necklace with stylised Jack face. This is similar to the one from HHN25 (USA). $12.90

Jack the Ringmaster Vinyl figurine, also from HHN25 (USA). $16.90

Lanyards. Only one design this year. $9.90

A bottle opener that’s also a magnet. $9.90

Baseball Cap with HHN6 logo and ‘Jack is Back’ on the peak. $19.90

T-Shirts, in both unisex and ladies’ cut. $29.90

A drawstring bag to keep everything in. $12.90

◂ Final roadshows ▸

The last weekend of roadshows saw the return of Jack the Clown, Hu Li and Lady Death.

Thanks to Tong Ming for sharing these great shots of the scare actors!

Jack the Clown – choosing new victims talents for his Recurring Nightmare Circus Show.

Hu Li – finding new customers for her nightclub.

And very aptly, Lady Death appeared at the Sephora store at ION Orchard. Girl probably needs to stock up on her essentials. You know, 16 nights’ worth.

How dare they call me here when there’s no Sephora 20% sale…

◂ End of the light ▸

And that wraps up the last Before Dark. You know what comes next.

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Lady Death is waiting for you… at the park

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