Halloween Horror Nights 6 – Before Dark 3

Gateways to the haunted houses of Halloween Horror Nights 6 have emerged. Discover more dark secrets of Suicide Forest and meet Lady Death – in the third issue of Before Dark.

UPDATE: Our Halloween Horror Nights 6 Review is now LIVE. Read it now! →

◂ Haunted Houses ▸

With just two weeks away, the gateways to this year’s haunted houses have appeared. Well, all except one.

First, we have Old Changi Hospital. This entrance is placed between the Ancient Egypt and Jurassic Park zones of the park.

The actual ‘hospital’ building is behind Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.The facade looks like a faithful reproduction of a certain wing at the original Changi Hospital.

The maze-like queue is also being prepared for the long lines at this year’s headlining haunted house.

The gates to Salem Witch House is being installed at New York. As mentioned before, it is right in front of the Rockefeller Building. Since there is a stage right in front of the New York Library, the entrance is shifted towards the right side this year, to avoid congestion.

It looks quite nice, huh? The actual ‘house’ is just beyond the yellow doors.

Glad to see that Bodies of Work is not just a simple sign – there’s a frame this time.

This haunted house, which is going to be an exhibition of sorts, takes place within the Waterworld queue area. The master of this haunted house, Damien Shipman, has left the park briefly. Keep on reading… we’ve attended his special guest appearance.

◂ Suicide Forest ▸

Just a short walk away from Bodies of Work: The Suicide Forest scare zone.

Something’s not-so-hidden in the scare zone’s sign…

Who forgot their bike?

Remember the mysterious train tunnel? The darkness within has been trying to get out.

Well, it was storming for many days in the past week. It looks like those who are brave enough to walk through the tunnel will have deal with corpses, dangling hands… and other body parts.

Evil is emerging from its roots.

Those hanging ropes from last week? They’re already taken.

A murder of crows silently watching…

And that’s about it. If you’ve missed the trees with creepy dolls, go check last week’s update.

◂ March of the Dead ▸

Looks like Ultra ~Undead~ 2016 is more or less done at this Dia de Los Meurtos inspired scare zone. Lady Death has recently made a guest appearance outside the park too. Keep on reading for more.

Since there will be a parade that goes through the area, there wouldn’t be massive props from years ago. In fact everything looks quite.. mobile.

Yep, it does feel a bit empty. Where are all the fields of candles? And what about the coffins? And perhaps some string lights? My guess is that there will be a lot of performers here, and they won’t be just costumes. Think giant puppets, stilt-walkers.. and other types of performances that are mobile and requires a lot of space to be performed safely.

An updated view of the stage.

You might not notice it, but there is equipment here to attach a harness to a performer (or a prop), and it would rise from behind the curtains. The two columns beside the stage opening have black surfaces, because it is likely that there will be open flames here.

Lots of candles along the stage, these should be LED candles.

The wrapped casket-like thing has a crown on it, but otherwise it seemed quite normal. Likely there are windows, or something gruesome on the side.

Will Calavera (Hardwell & KURA) be played here? I’m afraid not.

Apart from that, the other props seemed mostly the same.

Check out last week’s Before Dark 2 update for some other close-up photos of the props here.

◂ The Stage ▸

Well, looks like we’ve been staring at the completed (or close-to-be) stage. Those frames aren’t going to be covered.

It looks empty-ish because something (I think a giant skull or similar) could be rising as part of the Opening Scaremony.

And then the darkness within will be engulfed… through bright lights. And that’s a lot of lights directed at the audience!

The top of the tower is now embellished with similar graphics as the mirrors at the park entrance. It looks like this year’s opening is more or less focused on this stage. No need to keep turning around anymore unlike the past three years: Sisters of Evil Teleport (2013), Minister of Evil’s Arrival (2014), Rise of the Blood Moon (2015).

And oh, remember these two?

◂ Damien Shipman ▸

Recently escaped from his artist-in-residence programme at USS, Damien Shipman is out to get more… subjects for his controversial Bodies of Work exhibition.

Or he might just be hungry.

He is the iconic character from the Bodies of Work haunted house. A fire has consumed his family and left him disfigured. But that tragedy has instead inspired him to craft his deadliest works yet. You might take a guess on what sort of mixed-media art he has created.

Look at that sfx makeup details!

◂ Lady Death has risen ▸

At last, we’re allowed to meet the mysterious Lady Death.

What is her story? It is still a mystery. All we know that she is raising the dead and unleashing the darkness within – everywhere at the park. So she is behind the radioactive fish (Hawker Centre Massacre), summoning of the Witches, the Shipman fire, fox spirits, and hauntings in a forest and hospital. Plus the Day of the Dead festivities at her own scare zone. A very busy woman, and thus she only has one appearance.

But behind her strongly-contoured calavera (skull) makeup, she is perhaps the most gentle icon in Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights so far.

Thus she is so far the most well-received character. Even the Star Guides didn’t have to encourage shoppers to approach her (unlike characters in past weeks).

Have you fallen for the darkness within?

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Lady Death is waiting for you… at the park

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