Halloween Horror Nights 6 – Before Dark 2

Visit the Suicide Forest of Halloween Horror Nights 6 before darkness falls.

UPDATE: Our Halloween Horror Nights 6 Review is now LIVE. Read it now! →

◂ Suicide Forest ▸

Suicide Forest is a scare zone inspired by Aokigahara, a forest located at the base of Mount Fuji that is (or was… or still is) notorious for suicides. There is a famous sign at the entrance of the forest, and this is mimicked at Halloween Horror Nights as well.

For new readers, scare zones are walkthrough experience areas of the park where scare actors and guests can roam freely. This takes place at night during HHN event hours.

Dear visitors,
Be warned! Evil entities have been sighted inside the forest.
Do not enter alone as it may seal your fate.
Think once more about the life you were given before journeying inside.
In case of sightings: 1800-999-6666

The entrance to the forest is lined with vines, branches… lost objects… and…

Many trees have popped up over the last week, and two of them are completely wrapped up.

Photo: Tong Ming

We can understand why.

Perhaps some kids from Hua Sin Secondary School went missing here too.

An abandoned car, and evil taking (deeper) root.

Hmm, has this hatchback appeared before somewhere?

Mysterious hanging things… and people setting up camp here.

Something was lingering from within the tunnel.

Of course, there will be more people, or things that will.. hang out at night.

◂ March of the Dead ▸

Lady Death’s Underworld Music Fiesta 2016 is coming together quite nicely. Some new ornate decor, F&B, and the lot have arrived.

Photo: Tong Ming

Looks like one of the floats for one of the shows (The Resurrection, or Death March) has appeared here.

Painted skulls everywhere. Would you get a calavera face painting this year?

Will Lady Death be on this float throughout the Parade?

LED strips – for that extra sparkly smile.

Shiny crown for the ‘Skull’ float.

Mysterious wrapped thing which could be pushed along the Death March.

Two of these shrine/altar props have been added. Are the covered figures… statues of Lady Death?

It’s a mix of… creepy and festivo..

More offerings.

Creepy candelabras. Look closely.

Some of these ‘flat decor’ banners, which stick out quite badly from the other set pieces in the day. Hopefully not so much at night.

◂ Mirrors of Darkness ▸

Let’s head back to the park entrance…

It is now adorned with shattered mirrors, with characters from the 5 haunted houses showing through the gaps. Almost seemed like there were plans for 6 houses (though frankly I don’t know how they’ll fit the last house).

The shards are lined with lights, so the mirrors’ broken edges will be lit.

Of course, so will the event’s title.

This is Damien Shipman, celebrated artist who uses unconventional mixed media in his work, and also the master of the Bodies of Work haunted house.

◂ The Stage ▸

Looks like nothing much has changed from the outside. Are these windows, or mirrors? A projection array has been set up, so we can expect some projections here, either for the opening or The Resurrection show.

The recent barrage of thunderstorms broke a part of the stage earlier last week – this was quickly repaired.

We’ve spotted some theatric equipment for flame effects. At least 4 of them. Cause we all know the Opening Scaremony is going to be hot.

The mysterious tower will elude us for another week. I still think there could be a giant skull at the stage. Perhaps the tower has the mechanical works to hoist the skull (or other things) through the main window, or above all the windows.

◂ Haunted Houses ▸

Some of the haunted house facades can be seen from front-of-house areas of the park. Can you recognise these two houses?

We wonder if the entrance to Salem Witch House would still be at the Rockefeller building facade at New York, like in past years. Seems like it would be rather cramped with the stage and everything else here.

Speaking of Salem Witch..

◂ Roadshows ▸

The second week of roadshows offered more than the first – besides scare actors, there are fun activities and a chance to try the HHN6 VR experience.

We met celebrity witch Augusta DeFeo again.

And another poisoned teen, back at it again with the white Vans™.

Anyway, free tickets to HHN6 were given out to shoppers who participated in the games (hosted by Gerald Koh and Joakim Gomez that week). So why not give it a shot?

Otherwise, you might get some extra surprises with the HHN6 VR. 😀

More updates in the next issue of BEFORE DARK…

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Lady Death awaits…

Embrace the darkness within – Get all the event and ticketing information on Halloween Horror Nights 6 at the Halloween Horror Nights 6 REVEALED post.

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