Halloween Horror Nights 6 – Before Dark

Universal Studios Singapore is getting ready for Halloween Horror Nights 6. Check out the park’s transformation towards its darker side.

UPDATE: Our Halloween Horror Nights 6 Review is now LIVE. Read it now! →

◂ Opening Scaremony Setup ▸

This year’s stage looks as wide as the one used for Halloween Horror Nights 4. With nothing much installed above it, much of the action should happen from the ground.

The five windows with drapes – either just accessory to the main window or used in part of the Opening Scaremony or March of the Dead: The Resurrection show.

What is this dome-shaped object hiding behind the main arch? Could it be some sort of giant skull, to accompany the skeleton hands?

A view of the tower behind.

A gigantic screen in the middle of Hollywood will provide guests at the back with a view of the action in front.

The curious little ones starting to see the dark side.

◂ March of the Dead ▸

March of the Dead scare zone will be a festival ground themed to Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead – a mexican holiday). Major pieces on the ground have yet to arrive, probably because the park had a Secret Life of Pets event last weekend. We’ll definitely see them soon.

In the US, the Day of the Dead theme was done before in a zone called Esqueleto Muerte, where an actual festival has gone wrong and statues have came to life. The zone is lit with UV light, and scareactors wore luminous makeup, masks and costumes.

Perhaps something similar in Singapore this year.

The skull archway is one of the largest props to be ever installed at a scare zone here.

Even the ‘stained glass’ looks rather realistic.

The stage at New York Library is also being set up for the March of the Dead: The Resurrection show (or perhaps even another show). This show starts with a night parade which begins from the Ancient Egypt section of the park. This Death March will pass through The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, and Hollywood, before arriving at the scare zone. What a procession!

Quite detailed, huh.

What’s in this white box? Like in every HHN, there’s always a mysterious box in New York’s scare zone. Well, this year it won’t be used to hide the Sesame Street school bus, which has moved all over to the other end of New York.

Probably a good choice because of the performances here, and that the Rockafeller Building section of New York will also be the entrance to the Salem Witch House haunted house.

◂ Suicide Forest ▸

Suicide Forest takes place at Jurassic Park this year, and we’ve all seen an amazing evil forest being staged there before.

Low-res artwork and pixelation? Oh dear.

One of those truss frames being disguised as (parts of) trees.

There was something like that back in HHN4’s Scary Tales scare zone… It was used to hang things.

New to this year’s scare zone design: An abandoned railway tunnel. A good place for farewells?

This area is usually a bottleneck. So would funneling guests through this dark tunnel be a solution?

Fences courtesy of Mati Camp, The Invaders et al.

Likely this zone would be very foggy and filled with these movable trees blocking the way.

Not sure if there will be other.. moving trees, or not. Like Ents.

The park hasn’t said if this Suicide Forest scare zone is inspired by Aokigahara or some other place. If it’s localised, then I’d imagine that a certain spirit would linger around here. Even though she might’ve already found a home at another haunted house.

Special Thanks: Tong Ming for first sending us some info. 🙂

◂ Haunted Houses ▸

This year’s haunted houses are being put together at the usual places, with a few exceptions. Hu Li’s Inn is going to take place beside the Revenge of the Mummy ride building, while Hawker Centre Massacre will be beside Stage 28, where Jing’s Revenge and Tunnel People used to be. However, the entrance to Hawker Centre Massacre is between New York and Hollywood.

The Salem Witch House will have its entrance at the New York area, because it’s being built beside the Transformers ride’s show building. Confused? Things will be clearer in a few weeks once the entrances are up.

Would be nice if the marquee has a giant cleaver cutting right through. And did you spot the HHN6 logo on the handle?

◂ Frequent Fear Pass ▸

The Halloween Horror Nights 6 Frequent Fear Pass is now ready for processing at Universal Studio Singapore.

Note: This image is altered to remove the QR codes and serial numbers.

If you have purchased the HHN6 Frequent Fear Pass, it would be in the form of the white ticket. You have to bring it to the Annual Pass/Membership Office at the park (near the entrance) during your first visit to HHN6. If you have a season/annual pass or day-time admission to the park, you can make your card now.

This year’s Frequent Fear Pass design!

◂ Jack and The City ▸

This year’s HHN characters have escaped from the park! On the loose are Jack the Clown, Hu Li (Fox Lady), Poisoned Teen, and Augusta the Witch.

These characters will make appearances at select roadshows. The first weekend took place at Takashimaya Shopping Centre (Ngee Ann City). Next week, you’ll be able to find the characters at Bugis+ mall. Stay tuned to rwsentosa’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for details.

Anyway, aren’t you just glad that Jack is back? And he’s bringing back his Nightmare Circus?

Although Lady Death is this year’s icon, several items themed to Jack the Clown will soon be available for sale at the park. If you buy tickets at the roadshows, you may be given some of these as gifts.

Hu Li (fox spirit), a key character in Hu Li’s Inn.

Shall we call her Foxy? or Ninetails?

Embrace the darkness within, child…

Poisoned Teen from the Hawker Centre Massacre, foraging for fresh meat.

Augusta has returned from the past – She welcomes you to the Salem Witch House, where you can witness profane rituals within.

She is one of the Three.

Look at her hands, and her ring and bracelet. Details.

Come over… and buy HHN6 tickets…

More updates in the next issue of BEFORE DARK…

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Lady Death awaits…

Embrace the darkness within – Get all the event and ticketing information on Halloween Horror Nights 6 at the Halloween Horror Nights 6 REVEALED post.

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