Halloween Horror Nights 5 Final Cut – part three

Run into the final showdown between Aliens and UGMF Troopers at The Invaders in the third Halloween Horror Nights 5 Final Cut.

Behind the Scenes: That crazy video

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The most time-consuming project for this year’s HHN5 coverage is the video of the Invaders Show. It was clear during the preview, that this won’t be easy, as the action doesn’t happen at a single scene.

Footage from 7 shows were combined to create this ‘multi-camera’ video, which was filmed hand-held with my mirrorless camera. I don’t have all the right equipment for video – no stabiliser, tripod, monopod and stuff. I had to run to New York to catch the show, very often with the ‘wrong lens’ on my camera. So the whole filming experience very spurious and hectic.

For every show I try to capture from a different position (except the steps of the New York Library). I don’t film the entire performance from start to end, as I also need still images. Thankfully, the show didn’t change much since the first night, so I was able to sync footage from all the shows using the audio. Then, it’s all about choosing the best cuts that are coherent to one another.

The characters were doing different things at every show, so it’s a good thing that many of the troopers are masked.

So please watch it again:

I’ll continue to upload occasional photos on Instagram (@dejiki)

Final Cut #3 – Last Fight

Note: Due to the dynamic environment in The Invaders and multiple images featuring the same characters, the photos in this entry will be jumbled up.

For the aliens and masked troopers, there is one way to identify them. Each performer has his own costume (not sure about swings), so at least that makes it somewhat easier… provided you know who’s who in the first place.

I’d often have to track the different ‘cuts’ on the troopers’ uniform, as well as the different details on each alien. It boils down to the smallest things – the layout of the vines, the type of ‘feet’ or even the colour of the gloves.

So whenever I’m at the Invaders, I’m like – oh, that guy’s here, so the other one’s not. That’s the alien with that V-shape vine thing on its chest. That trooper has the grey gloves, the other one has black gloves. That small alien has a giant hoof on each feet; the other has five. And the list goes on…

Maybe for a start, the troopers could have nametags.

While most scare actors were contracted to work only for HHN, there were some performers who are working full-time at the park. Of course, they were frequently followed by the park’s circle of ‘very regular’ guests.

Some performers have garnered many fans too. Guess who?

Characters from both sides work together for dynamic performances at the Invaders.

Weapons were stolen by aliens, and broken.

Then some Troopers resorted to Muay Thai techniques.

And some mysterious things also happened – especially on the final night.

One more thing…

There is just, one more thing. Many photos failed to qualify for HHN5 Final Cut, but since we still have space to publish them online… There will be yet another series called…

Halloween Horror Nights 5 Deleted Scenes Extra

No, this is the last photo feature article. 😆 It was a great run – I’m sure the performers, crew, creatives and most guests would agree. I can’t wait to see what the park is going to plan for HHN6! So until then – we’ll resume our regular blog posts. I have a backlog to clear.

I’ll continue to upload occasional ‘never-before-seen’ photos on Instagram (@dejiki)

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