Halloween Horror Nights 5 – Tunnel People

Discover the secret fortress of the Tunnel People at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5.

“From the catacombs beneath the Earth, the Tunnel People will reign, as the Armageddon wipes out Mankind!”
– Prophecy of the Blood Moon


This post includes photos taken inside the TUNNEL PEOPLE haunted house. We won’t be posting complete walkthroughs. Our HHN5 special features showcase the experience and design of the haunted house. It’s also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this house.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any of the Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights 5.

Overview and Thoughts

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So this is Singapore’s first dark house. Is it really dark? Yes. Often, you can barely see the way forward. But is it so dark that you are ‘blind’ and have to feel your way around? Not quite.

It would be challenging to describe Tunnel People, because it is memorable for the suspense – if you could experience it. The cautious visitor would approach slowly, looking around corners to find light sources showing the way. There is a variety of Cultists hiding in the alcoves and hidden doors, but none advance the story the same way as typical houses.

Unfortunately for those who have no inkling of the backstory, this house may end up feeling like a dark ‘tunnel’ with hooded characters caught in a collective trance. I thought there would be scenes of libraries, graves, dungeons and menageries. Nope, seems like the Tunnel People are simple folks, and their hideout embraces minimalism. We saw the light in the final room. Because it’s really – the brightest. It’s a shame really, as it was an unsatisfying finale, and overall the story didn’t quite.. surface.

Tunnel People is also this year’s shortest house, because it is split to two paths that share the same entrance and exit. The scenes are similar, but it’s not exactly the same. And I believe there are alternate paths for wheelchair access.

Typically, scares in haunted houses become less effective when guests are crammed up inside into one long, slow-moving train of people. Some tricks of surprise and shock would still work. Tunnel People is greatly affected by this, because the house hinges on uncertainty. Being stuck knowing where exactly to walk to next would break the house’s element of suspense.

If you can’t see the group in front, or behind you, Tunnel People can be quite unsettling. Especially if you are leading the way. It’s tense not knowing where to go; checking every shadow cautiously. Clearly this is how the house is designed to be. I was lucky to experience this during the opening night.

What the park could do is to have strict crowd control here. Only small groups should be allowed in, and they should be paced far apart. Well, that would be ideal if not when it’s a 2-hour wait outside.

Hidden behind the closed bridge (in New York as it is being invaded), the reclusive Tunnel People have guarded the prophecy of the Blood Moon. With the rise of the final Blood Moon, the Cultists have emerged to rule the World after it has been wiped out.

Over here, you can either be instructed by a park crew member to walk up the ramp or take a side entrance into the tunnels.

This is Singapore’s first dark house. Be careful at the steps. It’s dark.

If you were assigned the right path, you may get a guided tour into the catacombs. Thanks to this volunteer Cultist.

Otherwise, you’ll be left on your own. Find some help inside.

You may need to feel your way around at some parts. Try the walls.

And watch your step.

Walls of Runes. A Cultist is often here speaking in exotic tongue, adding further to the mystery.

Silas, the Cult Leader, ready to rule.

How was your TUNNEL PEOPLE experience?

So did discover any secrets in this haunted house? Or any bizarre happenings?
Most importantly, scary or not? Let us know!

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