Halloween Horror Nights 5 – True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT

Escape from the vengeful spirits disturbed from their final rest at the True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT, the first haunted house designed in collaboration with enigmatic writer Russell Lee.

“Tok Naga Arang is awakened, he conjures the vengeful winds!”
– Prophecy of the Blood Moon


This post includes photos taken inside the TRUE Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT haunted house. Our HHN5 special features showcase the experience and design of the haunted house. It’s also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this house.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any of the Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights 5.

Overview and Thoughts

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Houses built at Waterworld have the advantage of long corridors that wind around itself. It’s a queue ‘building’ after all. Kudos to the team for building tunnels and long segments of train corridors here, while masking the linear design with unexpected turns and transitions. This house uses fog effects generously to enhance the creepiness, especially in the tunnel scenes.

The first half of the MRT is amazing. You push through pages of Lee’s book, and get thrown into a (destroyed) train station. It’s familiar yet chaotic. As little clues about the story start to sink in, you get dragged back into time – 1815 to be exact. Tok Naga Arang (pronounced like tolk nar-ga ah-rung), the village shaman/leader, partakes in some blood ritual in his hut, it starts to storm – I felt that the atmosphere there is underrated and overall, easy to miss.

After the storm, the story advances some hundred years later to the time the Cemetery was exhumed. And then with the rise of the Blood Moon, Tok Naga Arang gets his revenge..

Juxtaposed with the story of Tok Naga Arang are ghosts and spirits from Malay folklore, which are common characters in Russell Lee’s books. Since the story of this train station is about the Bidadari Cemetery and Tok Naga Arang, the Pontianak (ghost with long hair) and Toyol (child spirit) feel dropped-in with their single appearances.

The third section, which follows after the catacombs, didn’t quite follow. As it felt like another story (with eyeless teenagers wearing Hua Sin School Uniforms) had crashed in. Then we hop into another train – the last one, where the winds have subdued the vengeful spirits of the villagers. And then it was just empty black corridors before the exit. Darn, it just didn’t have the punch at the end!

Step through the pages of Russell Lee’s True Singapore Ghost Stories, where this special Halloween Horror Nights edition brings you closer to his stories like than no other…

And we step into a wrecked Bidadari Station, which is based on the ███████ station.

Good to know that ████ staff are still here to help guide us through the wreckage.

Many details resembling an actual MRT train on the ███████ line.

Even in this early part of the MRT, some things are not what they seem. Pay attention to what she’s wearing.

Listen closely, because you’ll hear some familiar, chaotic sounds.

Once you step out of the train, enjoy the rare chance of walking on the train tracks. Until you meet..

The Pontianak.

Your path brings you through a tunnel back in time to 1815.

Try not to disturb Tok Naga Arang and the ritual in the hut.

As the profane ritual continues, it began to storm. Thunderbolts are good to mix magic spells.

Then, we saw how the Shaman’s final rest was interrupted.

And yes, the only way out is a tunnel through the graves.

Pro Tip: Watch your head.. and your step, because you are walking above… and below the undead.

The final train, crushed and deformed, is filled with screaming spirits from the past.

Green feathers fly around an invisible hurricane in this dark cabin. Will Tok Naga Arang be ever put to rest?

It was just another story… or is it?

Meet the Shaman
Outside of the haunted house, Tok Naga Arang also appears at the Opening Scaremony and Blood Moon Meet-and-Greet spot.

How was your ride in THE MRT haunted house?

Did you manage to solve the mystery of the past? Seen anything bizarre in this haunted house? Let us know if you found this house scary!

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