Halloween Horror Nights 5 – The Invaders

Experience the battle between a global military and extraterrestrial creatures at The Invaders, a dazzling scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights 5.


This post includes photos taken in the Invaders scare zone. We welcome haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this colourful, dazzling scare zone.

Overview and Thoughts

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The Invaders is another ‘open dynamic’ scare zone with characters in two factions interacting spontaneously throughout the night. We have the (mostly…) tall aliens called the Horde, and military forces from the United Global Military Forces (UGMF). This is the first-ever haunt attraction with an all-male cast, which seems to be a big hit with some female guests at the park.

The design of open and dynamic scare zones like Invaders means that there are no fixed scenes, and things change all the time. This is probably why the zone is kept small and simple, because the experience centers on the interaction between scare actors. While scare actors are assigned to roam at specific areas, they often wander around and engage with their ‘enemies’. With the stunning laser sweeps and colourful lighting, the entire zone simulates a game-like environment.

It’s a joy to photograph this zone and its performers, but because of how its spontaneous, you can’t expect to see the same thing to happen again. Hence, the photos in this post will be quite randomly arranged.

The show in this scare zone, like this year’s Opening Scaremony, is an ‘all-around’ experience where the entire zone is the stage. It’s probably the best attempt so far in New York for immersion. Some guests unsuspecting walk right into the action!

While dazzling with well-sequenced special effects and a tight soundtrack, the show is not without flaws. There are some awkward pauses, and the more subtle lighting design to divert attention to some areas sometimes doesn’t work – but it’s still a great attempt. The outcome of the battle is also a little unsatisfying, because the aliens always win (?)

Scroll down for a complete, multi-angle video of THE INVADERS Show!

Aliens from the faraway planet of Goldeye invades New York under the cover of the Blood Moon, the eclipse that brought Darkness to the Land.

With a different personality, six types of aliens can be found invading New York.

As for the UGMF Troops, you will find them all around New York zone in different states. Some battle-hardened, some barely surviving the onslaught.

Three times each night, the soldiers will prepare their attack on the aliens. For this performance, some soldiers are equipped with ‘fog blast’ weapons for the assault.

The Commander will also direct the launching of missiles to destroy the spaceship or disrupt its magnetic fields.

It’s necessary to save a trooper known as Elliot.

The Invaders show – COMPLETE video

Taking place at multiple scenes in New York, the Invaders show depict an intense firefight between the UGMF soldiers and aliens from the planet of Goldeye.

Note: This is a multiple-camera presentation with footage captured from 7 shows.

Editor’s Notes

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Character Photo Requests

For Scare Actors (Performers) only. You may ask for photos via Instagram (Please Direct Message @dejiki or comment on the photos) or email your requests. As this is for performers only (and not fans), your fellow performers may need to verify your status as a HHN5 performer. Not to worry, there is already a close-knit network on Instagram!

Reposting Photos from

Scare actors and fans may repost our photos, as long as you credit us in the caption: On Instagram, mention us in the caption, and you can also tag @dejiki in the photo. On Facebook, tag/mention the Facebook Page.

HHN5 Final Weekend Photography Requests

For Scare Actors (Performers) only. We will be at USS for the last three days of Halloween Horror Nights 5. Scare zone performers who wish to have their photos taken by us, please message @dejiki on Instagram with your character description/name and set timings. We’ll try to be there!

UPDATE: Sorry but we can’t help with requests for performers in haunted houses, as photography inside houses is not allowed during event nights. 🙁

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