Halloween Horror Nights 5 – Siloso Gateway Block 50

The Blood Moon has infected the waters at Siloso Gateway Block 50, turning residents in this housing estate into flesh-eating zombies. Could you survive the zombie outbreak at the 2015 flagship haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 5?

“The deadly virus will infect you and your relatives through the spoiled waters!”
– Prophecy of the Blood Moon


This post includes photos taken inside the HDB block, and while it’s not a complete tour, the photos do reveal a lot of scenes. Our HHN5 special features showcase the design of the haunted houses and we welcome haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about the houses too!

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any of the Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights 5.

Overview and Thoughts

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Ah, the flagship house is always built in Soundstage 28, yeah? This is indeed the most elaborate haunted house this year, with many special effects ‘firsts’ in Singapore. It also has the largest building facade ever built in Singapore’s HHN history, and supposedly have the most scare actors in any haunted house this year.

Compared to the other three haunted houses, it’s definitely the most spacious, as the layout and size is devised to simulate flats in Singapore’s typical public housing. Still, beware of close encounters while you enjoy the comforts of this haunted house, entirely air-conditioned in the soundstage!

The name of this haunted house, Siloso Gateway Block 50 feels like a jab to both Sentosa Spooktacular (which is either on hiatus this year or departed for its final resting place) and the dreadfully ubiquitous SG50 campaign for Singapore’s golden jubilee.

Recreating something as commonplace as public housing should be easy right? I don’t think so. Everyday concepts take a lot more effort to be convincing. Missing details will break the realism, which is why the flats at HDB are meticulously detailed. All those awful nonsense your neighbor hoards? Lots of them here. The sheer amount of props inside this house is overwhelming, even far more than Posessions (2013), a haunted home of a hoarder.

So yes, this is also my favourite haunted house, and thankfully the queues aren’t always that long if you stay at the park late. Usually, in the park’s final hour or so, the wait time drops to below 60 (often 5-15 minutes on off-peak nights). So try to give this haunted HDB block a second look – you might experience something different!

Special Effects
This haunted house (or HDB block) has some unique special effects, such as the rain – this is supposedly on a timer and not activated all the time. I’ve not seen it work during event nights.

There is an elevator at the lift lobby that brings you to floors just don’t exist in this short HDB block. It’s quite a ride that not all guests will be able to experience. And also, you might witness how an emergency services officer fends off a zombie with a firearm.

Welcome to Siloso Gateway. A peaceful neighbourhood with iconic playgrounds, upgrading works, and hourly parking – except on sundays and public holidays.

It’s a place to relax with friends with drinks.

Sometimes it rains at Block 50. Is this rain, under the glow of the Blood Moon, the true cause of the outbreak?

The parking warden’s here. Are you going to run from this summon auntie? She seems to be in extreme joy, handing out fines to everyone.

Catch a news update inside the mama shop to learn about the residents’ fate at Block 50.

Listen to the emergency services officer here. You might encounter a surprise in the lift.

Or just walk on and you’ll meet the not-so-friendly residents at Block 50. They won’t let you in!

But one door is left open… And you walk into the home of a Malay family.

Don’t stop moving, civilians! You need to get out safely.

Heed her words… because..

People here have turned into zombies.

Oh you won’t be visiting different houses door-to-door. The walls have broken down.

As you are distracted by the Bollywood film playing on the TV inside the Indian family’s home…

You might not notice the zombified residents lunging at you.

Thankfully the door’s open, but it leads to more chilling surprises.

Inside the Eurasian family home, an officer might be able to save you from a zombie attack.

A portrait of a happy family. Fun Fact: They are a real family who auditioned together. Now they are all performers in this haunted house!

Many things typically found in a Chinese family home.

The Kitchen is especially messy, and you will quickly know why:

The only one left who’s not a zombie – the mother, has to take care of her family members who have turned.

To make your final escape out of Block 50, you’ll have to get yourself cleaned up.

Does it feel like home?

Was it fun to walk through this ‘infected’ HDB block? Did you try the ‘elevator’? Let us know what you think about this house in the comments section!

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