Halloween Horror Nights 5 – RIP Tour review

Walk on the blood-red carpet with us in our exclusive Halloween Horror Nights 5 RIP Tour review!

The Rest in Peace (RIP) Tour offers the ultimate Halloween Horror Nights 5 experience with VIP front-of-line access, HHN Express Unlimited Pass and other special perks. Is it worth to pay for the VIP treatment? What do RIP Tour guests get? What about BTS, the backstage tour add-on? This entry will answer these questions and feature highlights from this year’s RIP Tour experience, including Behind the Screams (BTS) Tour.

Many readers ask about Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour all the time. And there are requests for reviews. So I’m glad to share my review of Singapore’s RIP Tour. While the tour keeps to its tried-and-tested formula, it varies every year according to the HHN programming.

For me, RIP Tour is an annual affair with a group of friends (the group grows every year!) and usually we attend the tour towards end of the season. Well, for HHN5, we managed to not only arrange for an early date, but we had our tour on a sold out night, which was most advantageous. Why go for the RIP Tour during off-peak season when the queues are short?

[ Cover Photo: Our RIP Tour Guide/Surgeon ]

Discover the Screams in the day

Introduced this year, the Behind the Screams Tour is an add-on to either the day-time VIP Tour or HHN5 RIP Tour. This tour includes lights-on walkthroughs in two haunted houses, a stop inside a make-up studio, and a walk around one scare zone while it is being prepared for the night. It is similar to the Unmasking the Horror tour in the US Parks, but feels like a ‘lite’ version. This tour is offered only as a bundle to RIP/VIP Tours, and is held from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. RIP Tour Guests can continue with their night tour after this.

Click to Expand: Review of USS HHN5 Behind the Screams Tour

I’m afraid to say that HHN5 Behind the Screams Tour is memorable for its rushed pacing. We had to brisk walk throughout the zones and houses due to time. Our tour started late because the other guests came late… and half of the group went missing (?) During our tour, we got to meet a makeup artist and one technical producer, while our VIP Guide shared stories of the attractions. The two houses featured in the tour were Siloso Gateway Block 50 and Tunnel People, which we were told have more technical special effects than the other houses. It would be nice to learn how the creative team came up with this year’s concepts.

After that we had a quick walk around Hungry Ghosts scare zone to see it being put together.

A lot of the props’ original colours are drowned out with the theatric lighting at night, huh?

Unlike in the US Parks, we were told not to take any photos/videos at most segments of the tour – and that is a disappointment to anyone who has seen or been on BTS Tours. In the makeup studio, we saw a scare actor with completed makeup and the highlight was a small demo on fx transfer that only one person in the entire group got to experience. Oh well. The staff facilitating were certainly enthusiastic, but the tour just didn’t feel satisfying? This is the first time Behind the Screams is offered in Singapore; I hope USS could offer a true BTS experience next year that is closer to the US Parks.

Makeup demo: 3D FX Transfer

HHN5 Behind the Screams Tour
Pacing needs improvement. Hopefully next year’s would be better.

Update: USS team members mentioned that they will adjust the BTS programme to enhance guest experience.

Eat till you drop

Prepare your night at HHN5 with a creepy buffet dinner at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor. This themed buffet is open exclusively to RIP Tour Guests. The first round starts at about 6:00pm. Tour Guides will meet their guests and escort them to the Opening Scaremony VIP viewing area from 7:15pm.

Alternatively, guests may opt for a $15 meal voucher for use at park restaurants and food stalls (note: food carts accept cash only).

The spread looks healthier and varied than in 2014, which had mainly deep-fried snacks. There’s also a fruit platter, salad bowl and cupcakes. Free flow of soft drinks too.

Eyeballs??! (these are meatballs)

Talismans to keep the vengeful spirits from haunting your meal… or coming back undead.

Witness the rise of the Blood Moon

RIP Tour guests have a special viewing area in the middle of Hollywood for the Opening Scaremony show.

While it’s further away from the Blood Moon stage, this is one of the few spots in Hollywood where five segments of the opening can be viewed (Blood Moon, Doomsday Prophet Guy, Cult Leader, Zombie and Tok Naga Arang). And it’s also a splash zone for one segment. Way to make tour guests feel ‘special’!

Breeze through the mayhem

With your VIP Tour Pass, Lanyard and Glowstick, the park is yours to conquer with ease.

The RIP Tour Guides (Surgeons) will see to your every haunt need at HHN. Every guide has a different personality, but they all know their stuff – Apart from telling the stories of the park’s haunts and attractions, they also give good recommendations on what to do next.

Our first haunted house was Siloso Gateway Block 50. To enhance our experience, our Surgeon cleared the crowd in front of us out of the house, giving us an amazing experience of walking around the HDB Block on our own. Sorry guys waiting outside – this actually stalled the line for a good 3-4 minutes.

Unless you book an exclusive tour (basically fill up all 12 slots), you will be part of a tour group with other guests. But don’t worry, as the surgeons will tailor the tour route to best fulfill everyone’s preferences. Don’t want to ride Battlestar Galactica? Haunted house too scary? No worries, they have plan B ready.

Experiencing every haunted house and select rides – with front-of-line access, is guaranteed with your Surgeon. Forget walking around in the near-endless lines and zig-zagging queue pens. The RIP Tour group goes out of the way, literally. Often we are weaving out through exits or walking outside of the queues. You’ll turn heads from the crowds stuck waiting in line. Maybe even some spiteful glares.

The 3-hour RIP Tour commences right after the opening Scaremony for those who choose the earliest slot. You can choose a later slot if it’s more convenient. Three hours is more than enough time to clear the main attractions with many breaks in between, and the rest can be experienced later with the Unlimited Express pass included in the tour package.

RIP Tour Guests can enjoy a one-for-one deal for Fujifilm photo prints at the park (Blood Moon stage, Judas Cradle at Beast Club, Hell House Green Screen, The Dark Room). At the HHN5 photo opportunity spots, you get 2 prints for $10. They will also get a private meet and greet with some scare actors. No photo prints are available for this meet so you’ll have to use your own cameras.

Cut the lines until closing time

After the guided tour, enjoy cutting the long queues with Halloween Horror Nights Express Unlimited, an exclusive privilege for RIP Tour Guests only. For some people, this perk alone may be worth more than the price of the RIP Tour package. You can keep going back to the houses and experience something different! Some of the scare actors may notice your lanyard and give you scares to remember.

Make final arrangements at the haunted hospital

Whether it’s before or after the tour, drop by the VIP Reception to see it fully decked out as a haunted hospital. Creepy huh!

Even the restroom has a surprise inside.

Click to see inside.

Whether you’re a fan of HHN or just someone who wants a fuss-free Halloween Horror Nights experience, the RIP Tour might just be the best deal after all. Forget about the Survival Guide and getting stressed out deciding where to go next. And you won’t even need to think about running around from house to house. You’ll never need to.

With exclusive perks, a buffet dinner, VIP access to attractions, and unlimited express access after the tour, HHN5 will be a walk in the park. Express Passes are already going for some $90 on some peak nights, so why not consider an upgrade to the RIP experience?

RIP Tour (2015)
Rating: ★★★★★★★

Your Surgeon and Butler… waiting at the VIP Reception.

RIP Tour: the full works and details

Priced at S$198, the Rest in Peace (RIP) Tour offers the ultimate Halloween Horror Nights 5 experience with VIP front-of-line access and other special perks.

RIP Tour are non-exclusive (unless one pays for a full booking of 12 guests) and can accommodate up to 12 guests per tour group.

RIP Tour Entitlements

• VIP access to ALL haunted houses, scare zones and select attractions
• 1 x Admission ticket to Halloween Horror Nights 5
• 1 x Halloween Horror Nights Express Unlimited Pass
• 1 x R.I.P. Tour credential, lanyard and glow stick
• 1 x $15 meal voucher OR buffet dinner at Loui’s
• Private meet and greet with scare actors
• Complimentary welcome drink at the VIP reception
• 10% off select merchandise at Universal Studios Singapore retail outlets
• 10% off total bill at Universal Studios Singapore F&B outlets
• Fujifilm one-for-one promotion on photo prints

RIP Tour Discounts

Students’ Special: $128 per guest
Only valid on 2, 3, 9, 11, 18, 25 or 29 October.

RWS Invites, RWS Invites Attraction, Attraction Season Pass Special: $158 for cardholder
For Invites Members and USS Annual and Season Passholders.

Early Bird Special: $158 per guest
No longer available.

Behind the Screams (Bundle)

A 60-minute backstage tour can be included with the RIP Tour for bundle rate of $238. RWS Invites Members can enjoy a discounted rate of $218.

Looking for the HHN5 review? Discover uniquely-Singaporean haunts at Halloween Horror Nights 5 here!

Interested in the RIP Tour?

Please contact RWS Tour Operations at 65-65776077, or email at, for reservations. Limited slots are available for walk-ins. Book your slots early to avoid disappointment!

Check our HHN5 REVEALED post for information on other ticketing types and offers.

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