Halloween Horror Nights 5 – ConTERMINATED

Trespassers beware – Sector 5 is an abandoned, ConTERMINATED scare zone at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5.

‘Government Initiative Quarantine Act. Trespassers will be shot on sight.”
– Article 163, Section 4


This post includes photos taken in the ConTERMINATED scare zone. We welcome haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this creepy qurantine zone.

Overview and Thoughts

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ConTERMINATED is a messy place. It’s a quarantine zone where psychopaths and mutants fight to survive… and it’s also ‘storage’ for props and knic-knacs from past HHN events. The survivors are afflicted with different forms of mutation, but it is not consistent.

It’s hard to outdo last year’s fantastic Bogeyman zone, because that made full use of the odd layout, with twists and turns in its path. There were cleverly-placed items all over to misdirect and stall guests. ConTERMINATED isn’t strong in that aspect this year I’m afraid – and that affects the effectiveness of jump scares drastically. The mess looks intriguing in the day, but at night it is a mysterious, haphazard mess.

Despite its dingy appearance, this scare zone has a straightforward path. I’m not sure if this was done to prevent the capacity and flow problems last year – which were in part a good thing, because guests are hesitant to walk due to the creepiness. At ConTERMINATED, if there isn’t enough theatrical fog, you would be able to see everything clearly due to the amount of lights being projected around. Some may complete a walk around this one-way zone in a minute or less.

The scare actors wear simpler looks that just seem grimy, while some don fully-covered masks, but they all did put up decent performances to redeem this zone. Many have clearly lost their minds. Prepare to be freaked out.

More water effects were added in mid-season. Unfortunately I feel this doesn’t enhance the experience and can instead an annoyance if you walk too slowly!

Condemned to suffer, the diseased and deformed live together in a dangerously contaminated colony, Sector 5. With the rise of the Blood Moon, they have turned aggressive… especially to those who are still safe. Enter the quarantine zone at your own risk!

Welcome to Sector 5. Home of the condemned.

Beware of tempting sights.

Clearly this zone can be a cautionary tale about waste and recycling.

With no fresh supplies, the Chef of Sector 5 needs to be creative.

Eagle-eyed HHN fans will spot many things from past events here.

The bridge – fully lit at night.

You might think the bridge is safe because of the railings. Think again, as there are many athletic psychopaths here.

The trash mountains are closely-guarded. Be careful.

Hurry and make your way out, or you might just become part of Sector 5, like this poor victim here.

ConTERMINATED: Worth the short wait?

Did you enjoy ConTERMINATED as a scare zone or ‘outdoor haunted house’? Let us know!

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