Halloween Horror Nights 5 – The Blood Moon and Icons

Witness the End of Days when the Blood Moon rises at the Opening Scaremony Show of Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5… and meet this year’s FOUR unique icons!

“Leave now or forever be trapped in the Darkness!”
– The Prophet

It’s the Moon. What a soothing sight.

As you enter the park, you may be stopped by this stranger. Known as the Prophet, he pleads with you to turn back. He might show you his calculations, which are inked onto his skin and clothes.


Leave the park. Save yourself!

“The fifth and final Blood Moon is upon us, and it will unleash a string of Evil like no other.”

“You did not listen! And now, you will all live with the catastrophic consequences of ignorance! Leave now or be forever trapped in the darkness!”

Of course, no one listened, ’cause they already paid some $50-68 for their admission ticket.

The Prophecy

Spoiler-free version! To experience the full Opening, please watch the video below.

The sun shall turn to darkness, and the moon into blood.
Before the great and terrible day when darkness descends!

Tok Naga Arang is awakened, he conjures the vengeful winds!

The deadly virus will infect you and your relatives through the spoiled waters.

From the catacombs beneath the Earth, the Tunnel People will reign, as the Armageddon wipes out Mankind!

You will burn for eternity, in the wrath of a thousand effigies!

Icons at Blood Moon
The four iconic characters rotates at the Blood Moon every 30 minutes or so, until the end of the event night.

HHN5 Opening Scaremony Show (FULL video)

DEJIKI.COM EXCLUSIVE! Experience the Eclipse that brought darkness to the Land™ here! This is a multi-angle video recorded over three nights.


Music used in the Opening:
John Debney – End of Days
Peter Crowley – Ghosts Of Our Nightmares
??? (Let us know if you know the track used in the Cult Leader and Paper Effigy segments)
Knife Party – Power Glove (variation by USS)

Where to watch?

Be at the park early, so that you can still ‘choose’ where to stand. Guests with the Stay and Scream bundle (or Passholders with HHN tickets) get to stay inside Mel’s Drive-In until minutes before the gates are open. They get first dibs at the front (and more opportunities to choose a viewing spot).

So I’d recommend lining up at the park gates sometime before 6:30pm on peak nights, so that you can get in early and fast. Otherwise this is all you’ll see. A sea of flashing headbands. (Or you can stay back to watch the action happening at the Hollywood sign)

So far, the best viewing area to catch all the action is near the VIP Viewing area. It’s right outside the Universal Studios Store facade (facing the main street of Hollywood). It’s cordoned off for RIP Tour Guests, but you can always stand beside it. You won’t get to see the scare actors running at the front, but at least you feel like you’re part of the show. Also, it offers a better view of the opening fireworks.

Alternatively, you may want to stand at the area beside of Minion Mart.

Your thoughts: HHN5 Opening Scaremony and Icons

What do you think about this year’s iconic characters? What about the Opening Scaremony – did you find that it’s as good as last year’s?

Looking for the HHN5 review? Discover uniquely-Singaporean haunts at Halloween Horror Nights 5 here!

Have you bought your tickets?

Check our HHN5 REVEALED post for ticketing options and discounts.

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