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Under the bridge: The path to the TUNNEL PEOPLE at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5. See it first here in HHN5 Before Dark 5!’s Before Dark series is a day-time photography series documenting the elaborate creative production of Universal Studios Singapore’s blockbuster event in October, Halloween Horror Nights 5. See all Before Dark features here.

◂ The Blood Moon ▸

We’re back here to play spot the difference! And with good reason.

The setup at Hollywood looks too complicated for a chill-out zone. It hints that the Opening Scaremony show – which is certainly happening every night of HHN5 – isn’t as simple as past years.

How could this small stage show everything? We’re talking about a spectacle.

It would be wise to retrace our steps and start from the beginning, and that is here:

Notice how there’s black cloth covering the glass above the HHN5 entrance arch?

On the other side: Black cloth covering the back of the Hollywood sign.

And the lights here. Perhaps a character would appear at this spot – but who?

There’s a black tower at the side, probably masking the ladder for access to the sign.

Did you spot a zip line across the street. This is getting more exciting.

Which character unveiled so far could be suitable?

I’ve confirmed with the park staff that there won’t be a pop-up store here. Rather, it is blocked off for a stunt jump/drop as part of the opening show.

Perhaps like last year, a performer would fall inside this black box. Who could it be? Or if it was like last year, who would be the victim?

At the stage in front: Outlets for special effects, such as towers of flames, dazzling short-burst fireworks or good ol’ CO2 jets. Perhaps someone.. or thing, could go up in flames here.. And that would make the moon turn red – or the other way ’round.

So would this year feature a secret character that could rapidly advance along the Hollywood Street? Or could we instead see different characters performing four parts of the opening show? And would we hear Power Glove again? We’ll find out on 2nd October.

◂ The Invaders ▸

The Invaders scare zone is still looking quite clean – perhaps dead leaves were not used during rehearsals. Despite having a big open space to work with, the invasion looks like a rather localised one, unlike Demoncracy (2014) where demons run amok.

What’s in the box? Well, we’ve been told that this ‘box’ is meant to cover the yellow Sesame Street School Bus, which does not belong at the New York zone where aliens are invading.

We didn’t mention this last week. The spaceship has a clip and wire to hold something – a performer or some sort of prop.

Finally some weathering work at this UGMS weapon system.

With so many lights, would the Invaders be hosting a rave party instead?

◂ Beast Club ▸

According to the latest HHN5 park map, Beast Club isn’t officially a scare zone or chill-out zone. It’s a place to grab some F&B, and there will be a photo op spot here. The park map also calls this place B.C. Beast Club.

Of course, there will be a show here, although it has yet to be announced.

One of the characters is called the Queen Beast.

This whole area is likely to bring back some elements from the Convention of Curses (2013). Probably a similar show, too – check out the lighting setup:


Just a recap, ConTERMINATED is said to be ‘complex’ scare zone that many consider as a haunted house experience, because of its narrow, linear path that is lined with intense scares and special effects. Something like Bogeyman (2014).

We were able to peek inside Sting Alley.

The Bridge had many lights set up. Last year, this area of Bogeyman was too dark and many guests started to slow down here.

Jump scare alert.

Strange human alert.

Mysterious hand alert.

It’s starting to feel uncomfortable to walk around in the day.

It’s a trap!

◂ Hungry Ghosts ▸

We’re back at possibly the most terrifying scare zone this year.

The props here range from the harmless..

to creepy…

to “Oh hell no!”

Most of the props here were already captured in the previous Before Dark issues (see Part 3 and Part 4 especially). We thought there would be more, because the back end of Jurassic Park still looks empty. In the past 2 years, these areas were kept clear because it is the only path to haunted houses located at Waterworld.

Since the entrance to True Singapore Ghost Stories: THE MRT is from Waterworld itself, why not extend the scare zone here? Or does this section need to be kept clear for logistics and safety?

Well, this area was used by scare actors in past HHN to leave for backstage. Perhaps that’s why.

◂ Haunted Houses ▸

Hell House will be open for housewarming very soon.

Extra effort was spent in the Hell House’s entrance. Even the wait time display is in a custom-designed board.

They’re here. The Tunnel People.

Now would you look at that! Last year’s Jing’s Revenge had a simple gate.

The bridge is closed, but two lanes will pave the way to the Lair of the Tunnel People.

◂ Halloween Horror Nights 5 – Event Park Map ▸

This is the newest version of the map, which you can also download at There are some minor errors on the map (such as placement of certain stores and amenities), but the number of attractions, shops and F&B are correct.

Even more updates on Halloween Horror Nights 5!

The Blood Moon spares no one. We will spare no effort to report on this auspicious lunar eclipse and the region’s most terrifying event.

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