Halloween Horror Nights 5 – Before Dark 4

Walk through the ominous scenes of Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5 before terror strikes, in the fourth issue of HHN5 BEFORE DARK.’s Before Dark series is a day-time photography series documenting the elaborate creative production of Universal Studios Singapore’s blockbuster event in October, Halloween Horror Nights 5. See all Before Dark features here.

◂ The Blood Moon ▸

Some new hoardings at Hollywood. It looks like there would be a pop-up store here, or some small stage, or just an effect for the opening scaremony.

It’s the same place as last year’s Mini-Store of Evil.

Let’s walk over to the stage.

The Blood Moon Stage had some work done, but what exactly might happen here during event nights is still a mystery. Any guesses?

These tube openings on the stage suggest that there could be CO2 jets or pyrotechnic bursts, for the opening scaremony (secret?) icons’ dramatic entrances.


It’s like playing spot the difference at this scene every week!

Barrels of infectious waste have popped up. Seems like this scare zone is all about the consequences of improper disposal and recycling methods.

Let’s go through the back. The quarantine curtain is ripped off – did you notice?

Some changes to the layout of ConTERMINATED. We will be surrounded by trash bags in the last section.

Lots of colourful tarps covering the props – it was raining heavily in the past week, so these were probably added to protect the props.

Typically, HHN rehearsals in Singapore begins about 2 weeks before the opening night. During these sessions, many technical and creative adjustments take place. So I believe that most of the major show elements have already arrived in the park (especially for haunted houses, but we can’t track that), but we can still expect changes taking place on the sets that are already installed.

◂ The Invaders ▸

While I just said that most of the HHN5 construction should be done, The Invaders scare zone still feels incomplete. The zone’s marquee is built further into New York street, and it’s very close to the entrance of the ConTERMINATED scare zone. It makes for a short and compact scare zone, especially with the props already placed on the street.

Plus, the entrance to TUNNEL PEOPLE haunted house is within this scare zone.

Oddly still no weathering on some surfaces of the UGMF vehicle. It’s too clean!

Looks like this scare zone will be condensed towards the spaceship, which can be quite chaotic given the layout of the place.

The lighting and sound array looks rather insane too.

That ‘box’ shifted a little towards Sci-Fi City, and the fog machine is making a return inside the subway entrance. Have a look:

◂ Beast Club ▸

What’s happening at Egypt’s hottest nightclub?

While not officially announced yet, a show will be performed at Beast Club.

Maybe it’ll be something like the Coven Celebration show at the Convention of Curses (2013)

Many lights were installed all around the main street of Ancient Egypt, hinting that performers may appear outside of the Beast Club area (there are ‘game’ booths after all). So this area might be a ‘bonus’ scare zone, we’ll know in two weeks.

◂ Hungry Ghosts ▸

We now return to Hungry Ghosts village, the scare zone with the most buzz!

There are now so many graves lying around that there isn’t enough black cloth to cover.

The ‘humanoid trees’ are fully covered up. You can still see one of the faces in last week’s update.

Newly added: Talismans. There’s a lot of them.

Creepy mask spotted behind one of the movable walls.

The King of Ghosts effigy – now with lights.

The Jurassic Park Drying Pods will be covered up at night. See the rolled-up banners?

And what could this be?

◂ Haunted Houses ▸

Since we’re already at Hungry Ghosts scare zone…

Here’s a peek at the artwork for the HELL HOUSE queue entrance, which is the same as the one used on the HHN5 website. As the entrance is within a scare zone, the marquee and two side panels are themed with unique artwork, hence it is covered up during the day.

The other haunted houses have larger entrances:

It’s still a work-in-progress, but wow – this is going to be the entrance to the queue for TUNNEL PEOPLE.

As the entrance is next to the core performing area of The Invaders, it’s elaborately themed.

As for haunted houses with entrances outside of scare zones, they get a much simpler treatment:

True Singapore Ghost Stories: THE MRT is set up at the Waterworld queue.

Doesn’t this just bring back memories of Russell Lee’s True Singapore Ghost Stories books?

It might seem a little disappointing, but don’t let the simple design set expectations. After all, the Adrift haunted house (2013) had a rather plain-looking sign but the actual house was absolutely incredible.

Hmm… Siloso Gateway Block 50 – Singapore’s first multi-ethnic haunted house?

That’s it for updates from USS. All the best to the park’s entertainment team and performers in their HHN5 rehearsals. Good haunting!

◂ Scare Actors… at a mall near you ▸

We went to catch the scare actors at HHN5 roadshows this week. Over at Orchard Cineleisure, the Cult Leader (Tunnel People haunted house) and Paper Servant Effigy (Hell House haunted house) made their special appearances in the day again.

Even in the day, they’ve been very successful in scaring people. Wait till nightfall.

A new display that accompanies roadshows (previously it’s the cult leader) – A paper effigy, standing on ashes.

Oh? What is she holding?

And these are real Hell Bank Notes, right?

More updates in the next issue of BEFORE DARK…

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The Blood Moon is coming. Are you brave enough?

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