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Hungry Ghosts – In this secluded village, evil spirits ensure that the hungry ghosts festival never ends. See it first here in Halloween Horror Nights 5 BEFORE DARK.’s Before Dark series is a day-time photography series documenting the elaborate creative production of Universal Studios Singapore’s blockbuster event in October, Halloween Horror Nights 5. See all Before Dark features here.

◂ The Blood Moon ▸

The Blood Moon now has its stage. What would be the surprise for HHN5 Opening Scaremony?

The base level is for guests to stand for photo opportunity. The elevated level… could it be for a character?

◂ The Invaders ▸

We covered the latest addition of The Invaders in the Before Dark 2, such as the ‘Box’ made of sheet metal. Find it here.


The ConTERMINATED now officially has an entrance. No, not this.

This one. At night, that is. Following the arrangement of Bogeyman (2014), ConTERMINATED will use the Lights, Camera, Action! attraction’s queue and entrance. They’ve taken a step further this year, building an entrance arch.

The Lights, Camera, Action! marquee covers the scare zone’s sign in the day.

New York Harbour was temporarily blocked off for a day or two last week, but the path is now open again, with some parts properly covered up now.

Through the gap in the middle of two walls, we could peek at the even-busier corridor – it’s starting to look quite creepy in the day.

New York Harbour’s quiet lookout spot has been blocked away. Some lights have been installed there – what could this be used for during HHN5?

The shop facades along New York Harbour are now strictly under quarantine.

Even psychics fell under the disease – Madam Basiel didn’t see it coming.

The tent of horrors has been sealed. You can still peek inside in the last issue here.

◂ Beast Club ▸

How exciting – even though Ancient Egypt is not getting a scare zone this year, the area will be themed for Halloween Horror Nights.

And it’s called Beast Club – will it be the next 44 Sins (2011)?

Even outside the club, there are smaller stalls along the main street of Egypt. Could these be scareactor displays… or game booths?

◂ Hungry Ghosts ▸

Now that the real Seventh Month is over, things at the Hungry Ghosts scare zone is starting to get serious. The Chinese words at the entrance reads 恶鬼村 (È Guǐ Cūn), which translates to ‘Village of Evil Spirits’.

Jurassic Park is cordoned off at the start of day and opens around 11am. More info here.

The entrance is looking more ‘damaged’ now.

Some items from Death Alley.. I think.

New this week: Crates, and ruined flags.

But that doesn’t beat the most elaborate piece – a huge sculpture of 大士爺 (Dà Shì Yé) – the King of Ghosts. It’s a menacing sight in the day – how about at night?

Did the park build this from scratch, or..?

Some Dragon Heads were also added around the area.

The corner bend (where the Pontianak tree and Rapunzel Tower were placed in past years) now has something quite… disturbing.

Well, that depends – does the sight of a chinese coffin disturb you? Because there’s one right there. And look closer at those ‘trees’.

What characters could be performing at this area?

With all these new props, the layout of Jurassic Park can be confusing. There is now signage leading guests to the zone’s core ride, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.


The entrance to the Hell House haunted house is within Hungry Ghosts scare zone, which looks a bit like those display boards at Chinese funerals. The ones placed around, or near the casket.

Funeral/Memorial lanterns at the entrance of Hell House. Looks very legit.

The switchbacks are coming back too.

◂ Scare Actors… at a mall near you ▸

Some scare actors are making their rounds at the malls, as part of road show promotions.

The Cult Leader (Tunnel People haunted house)

Clearly, many have no idea where the cult has been hiding.

Paper Servant Effigy (Hell House haunted house). How did the HHN team make the paper effigy’s costume look so… crisp?

More updates in the next issue of BEFORE DARK…

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The Blood Moon is coming. Are you brave enough?

Get all the event and ticketing information on Halloween Horror Nights 5 at the Halloween Horror Nights 5 REVEALED post or grab your tickets from the HHN website today.

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