Halloween Horror Nights 5 – Before Dark 2

In the second issue of HHN5 Before Dark, discover more from the scare zones at Halloween Horror Nights 5 for glimpses of terrors that will be unleashed in October, today.’s Before Dark series is a day-time photography series documenting the elaborate creative production of Universal Studios Singapore’s blockbuster event in October, Halloween Horror Nights 5. Read all Before Dark features here.

◂ The Blood Moon ▸

Many lights along Hollywood. This is supposed to be a chill-out zone, right?

The Moon shall join your coalition. The Blood Moon prop has arrived at the park. This is either this year’s icon, or a backdrop for this year’s icon.

The Blood Moon shall rise with the help of this Christie projector.

It looks like a moon from the front, but is actually a giant pancake up close. And what lies behind the dark side of the moon?

The event branding, of course!

◂ The Invaders ▸

According to the official HHN5 website, The Invaders scare zone is about the arrival of a gargantuan extraterrestrial race called the Horde. Using the lunar eclipse (The Blood Moon) as a cover of the eclipse, these sightless aliens have opened a portal to destroy the city.

Anyway, the spaceship/portal has arrived.

And it has made the nearby lampposts all wonky. Pretty cool huh.

Check out that layout of lights for the spaceship. It’ll be dazzling.

For the more earthbound, a giant boulder has also popped up.

But this will definitely be the thing to watch during HHN.

I can imagine all sorts of #BeamMeUp photos being taken here.

The way things are setup at this end of New York zone hints that we may not see a projection effect on the New York Library facade. Also, it is unlikely for fancy aerial acts to happen here, although a mini show might still happen.


Here’s a view of the scare zone from Sci-Fi City.

Over the weekend, this ‘Danger’ box, constructed from sheet metal, appeared.

There’s a curious LED display.

But other than that, this piece is quite a mystery – could it be used to store another prop? Or is this a break zone?


We have lots of photos from the ConTERMINATED scare zone in this update.

This place is looking more and more like a haunted house.

Props being covered up isn’t a good sign for the faint-hearted. (more on that later…)

Furniture proudly sponsored by Hua Sin Secondary School. It’s always fun to spot things from past HHN.

The ‘Bridge’ looks messy now, but I don’t think the park is done with this area yet.

It looks like someone something is lying there.

A look back at the ‘Bridge’ section.

Garbage and all sorts of random things are strewn all over Sting Alley. We’d rather not step in.

This area is covered, shielding the other parts of the Lagoon away from the horrors. And oh, talking about covering up – before I forget!

Inside this tent are some props that was left open during the day. So yes, we have photos.

Please note that the contents are graphic and may be terrifying.


Yes, I still want to see. (Click to expand)

You have been warned.

◂ Chillout zone? ▸

There are three chill-out zones this year. These areas, free from scare actors and unsettling music, are places where guests can sit down or dance to the music. Looks like 44 Sins from the first Halloween Horror Nights might return?

◂ Hungry Ghosts ▸

Welcome to the Hungry Ghosts scare zone!

Potentially the scariest free-roam scare zone* this year, Hungry Ghosts will take place in a village of its own. Something like Forbidden Forest (2013).

*- ConTERMINATED is likely to follow the design of Bogeyman (2014), that is an enclosed, one-way scare zone.

Look at the details of the roof!

Even in the day, the entrance alone is rather moody.

As for the inside, it’s mostly the same as the last update for now. It’s taboo to lift up the black covers, although…

We’d like to report that there are mysterious red boxes.

More updates in the next issue of BEFORE DARK…

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The Blood Moon is coming. Are you brave enough?

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