Halloween Horror Nights 4 – The L.A.B

At the Laboratory of Alien Breeding, reptilian aliens conduct gruesome experiments to create a new race of hybrids! During Halloween Horror Nights 4, a door to this secret lab was left open, but be warned – your journey through The L.A.B might leave you… inhuman.


SPOILERS: This entry depicts scenes and characters inside the haunted house.

GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGERY: Viewer discretion is advised.


Left open, this cargo door leads into the L.A.B.

After getting out of the maze-like cargo bay, the path leads into this brightly-lit junction. The fluorescent tubes rotate around the tubes. It’s as if we have went inside an alien spaceship.

An alien scientist has been waiting for us.

She directs us to one of the laboratory.

We get to see a victim being experimented… or gutted. Many body parts lie around this lab.

One of the aliens hissed at us to leave the room.

In the lab, there is a corridor where the walls… shift by themselves, revealing new paths and creeping victims.

There was one dazed victim, hiding behind the walls.

Where… are you going?

The next chamber is filled with giant tubes with alien specimens.

At times, something quite special will happen in this room. If you are in luck, the lights in the room will go out. Completely.

And you’ll soon notice that some things are more alive than they seem.

There’s never an end to grisly things stored in the L.A.B. Even as they collect fresh subjects, the aliens still need lots of test materials to work with.

To fully appreciate some of the chambers in the Laboratory, one would need to have a brave and patient mind.

The fruits of the aliens’ labour can all be found at the incubation chamber – a cave filled with eggs.

With experiments complete, some of the eggs have started to hatch.

Escaping from the lab is definitely not easy, with its confusing and strange chambers.

Particularly when aliens start chasing you down…

Or if you find aliens that are ready to fight.

Natural selection: The strongest hybrids brawl… and taunt those yet to be converted.

The arena is lined with these trophies made from the defeated.

As we make a break for the door out of The L.A.B, the aliens leave their final message..

We are watching you now…

About this haunted house

Every year, there is always one outstanding haunted house at Universal Studios Singapore. The one filled with the most elaborate props and effects. Back in 2012, it was the Insanitarium. Last year, it was Adrift. The L.A.B takes the title this year, with its excellent theming and scare actors’ costume and makeup.

Many of my friends also felt that this laboratory is the scariest haunted house this year, because the environment is bizarre (alien spaceship chambers) and the scare actors are so alien, they look like killers on the loose. The L.A.B conjures an experience that is not about the paranormal or psychopaths, but an endangerment of the guests’ dear lives. It would be very cool if the park could construct a maze and somehow break groups apart – to simulate people being abducted. Of course, everyone will regroup at the end.

This is also the haunted house with the most complicated effects, which greatly enhances the scare factor. There are some cool things happening at some rooms (the blackout, for example) which can only be experienced with chance. But having many effects can also cause slowdowns – the “storage” chamber is the most common place where guests stall. Unfortunately that particular room is around the middle of the entire laboratory complex, causing the slowdown as early as the first three rooms.

The L.A.B also stands out from the other haunted houses by not needing a narrative to hold the experience together. Like all the haunted houses attempted at the Waterworld queue, it is always some sort of extraordinary (or just plain crazy) place that people wander into. The story is in the hands of the guests brave enough to venture into the laboratory complex and successfully escape from aliens.

Survived The L.A.B? Do you think this the scariest haunted house at HHN4?

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