Halloween Horror Nights 4 – Scary Tales

Discover grisly rewrites of classic fairy tales and fables in the haunted woods of Scary Tales, a scare zone at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 4.


SPOILERS: This entry depicts scenes and characters inside the scare zone.

GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGERY: Viewer discretion is advised.

Giant books wrap around the iconic gates to Jurassic Park. This is now the portal to the spooky forest of Scary Tales.

A twist of fate has sent the world of fairy tales into darkness.

Morbid tomes… and unique writing materials.

The ghoulish Scribes of Scare guard the book, luring guests into their demented world.

Broken mirrors are scattered around the forest.

As they reflect the gloomy light surrounding the area, ghastly images flicker in.

No longer the fairest of the lands, the Evil Queen welcomes visitors to speak with her magic mirror.

Beyond the mirrors lies a path riddled with stone walls, where watchful eyes hide…

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, has lost much of her golden hair..

…And her mind.

Drowned in madness, she has found new use for her golden braids.

Beyond the tower lies the foggy abode of two children.

Hansel and Gretel, no longer victims, now hunt to kill.

Their collection of body parts strewn all over, overflowing from barrels, and even in the oven – roasted to a crisp.

Numerous unfriendly creatures hide in the woods.

The mermaid, chained and hung up, like the shark from Jaws.

The mermaid… was a good friend.

Red Riding Hood is no longer a helpless child. With tale rewritten, she is now a huntress in the night – a fearsome beauty.

About this scare zone

While it takes place in another area entirely Scary Tales felt like the design of Convention of Curses. Each character has a specific zone to linger about. Apart from the awesome make-up and costumes, the scare actors here put up engaging performances to illustrated their new twisted fates in the realm dominated by the Scribes of Scare.

As the smallest scare zone this year, the experience is marred with slowdowns and guests being pushed around. There isn’t much space for throngs of people to walk through. Things get complicated when guests want to take photos with the characters (more slowdowns!) This was made worse when the park blocked out all the side paths at Jurassic Park to form a single channel that leads to The L.A.B. Sometimes the queue for the Laboratory overflows into Scary Tales, creating a massive jam going as far as Rapunzel’s tower. Towards the end of the season, the park opened up one path to create more space for the overflow queue.

It is a pity that this scare zone lacks the surprise factor, something that Forbidden Forest excelled at last year. The walkways are narrow and often clouded in darkness and fog. Unlike the Convention, there isn’t time… or standing space, to stop and interact with the scare actors. Hurry along, child. As if we were chasing through pages of a book, we had to keep moving in this haunted forest.

What do you think of the twisted stories in Scary Tales?

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