Halloween Horror Nights 4 – MATI CAMP

In the new age of evil, a demonic Sergeant Major took charge of MATI CAMP. He is deadly serious with training and doctrine – strictly enforcing the camp’s motto of Fight, Overcome or Die. Uncover how torture and destruction surround this Camp of the Dead, a haunted house at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 4.


SPOILERS: This entry depicts scenes and characters inside the haunted house.

GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGERY: Viewer discretion is advised.


After walking past the camp gates, the queue turns into Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Once you’re done with the incredibly endless loops, you will be back into MATI CAMP, where you will first see…

A few soldiers looming about the (grisly) Jacob’s Ladder.

The Sergeant Major observes the suffering recruits in silence, while waiting for new victims patiently…

He sternly commands us to move into the camp complex orderly and promptly.

The camp’s motto is surrounded with haunting photographs. Watch them carefully.

The camp is in complete disarray. Broken equipment, with tattered plans and charts, are scattered everywhere.

We soon meet more of the camp’s tormented soldiers.

At the medical office, tortured recruits scream in pain.

A nurse is on duty here, but obviously providing medical assistance is no longer of her concern.

Moving on, we meet a demonic Staff Sergeant. He interrupts our tour around the camp.

Before letting us leave, he laughs and taunts at the imprisoned recruits.

Some of them were trapped and tortured for too long..

While others, may have turned up in the kitchen – as fresh ingredients.

Do not ever complain about the cookhouse food at MATI CAMP.

We went out of the frying pan… and into a heated firing range. Grenades explode and phantom bullets ricochet continuously in this chaotic chamber.

After dodging more tormented soldiers, we somehow made it into their bunk… which is looking much worse than imagined.

Demanding us to leave, this recruit is obviously unhappy with our intrusion.

While his fellow comrade may be too shellshocked to care.

After a terrifying encounter at the toilet, our tour continues to the second level, where we find…

the Sergeant Major’s office. Looking more human, he to be resisting with the evil lurking at the camp.

As he struggles with the Minister of Evil’s malevolent influence, he commands us to leave.

The way out is haunted with a lane of dead soldiers and a claustrophobic hallway with blinding green fog. Afer surviving MATI CAMP’s final surprises, we escape into a lane doused in purple light.

About this haunted house

This is the second HHN4 attraction linked to the Minister of Evil, but it does not feel as directly connected as the DEMONCRACY scare zone. The soldiers’ uniforms carry a patch with the Minister of Evil’s insignia.

Whether you’ve served in the army before or not, MATI CAMP may be the one haunted house that is most uneasy to walk through. There are scares in every room, and much depiction of graphic violence. The atmosphere is very tense throughout the house, which is clearly designed to overload the senses. I have decided not to include photos of every room or scare actor in this post – you’ll have to unearth the camp’s secrets yourself!

There are stories from local army lore being alluded in this haunted house. Unfortunately this is a haunted house and not a museum, so many of the detailed props are easily missed. The camp has certain scenes that are much wider and taller than usual, especially when compared to Jing’s Revenge. Of course, the rooms are still smaller than real military camps. If the park had the luxury of space, this haunted army camp concept could be taken a lot further.

MATI CAMP provides an experience that simulates one’s constant war with traumatic visions and voices. You will hear the same chaotic screams, gunfire and general “torment” noise as you walk around this haunted house. It may even be ringing in your ears when you leave. As for the sights – they become increasingly grisly and gruesome and you walk deeper into the camp. The design of the haunted house (to me) intentionally neglects a narrative flow. Instead it offers non-sequitur “flashes” of nightmares traumatising the recruits, or even the Sergeant Major – which despite his cruel and demonic visage, appears to be a victim as well.

Do you think that the Sergeant Major truly evil? Did you spot the allusions to army stories in MATI CAMP? Let us know in the comments!

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