Halloween Horror Nights 4 – Jing’s Revenge

Jing’s Revenge – Many years ago, a girl named Jing has killed herself at this old, derelict school. She has now returned from the dead to haunt the school’s dark corridors… and anyone who dares to step inside. In this photo tour, visit the school and discover its horrible secrets yourself!


SPOILERS: This entry depicts scenes and characters inside the haunted house.

GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGERY: Viewer discretion is advised.


A worn and old banner – some sort of table tennis competition was held here years ago.

Welcome to Hua Sin Secondary School.

Stepping into the foyer, a furious Jing materialises and screams.

In the next room, we see Jing again, but this time, she is very distressed.



The path weaves through classrooms, as stacked tables carve a precarious path into darkness.

The teacher does not tolerate tardiness and noisy visitors. She lashes a cane at the table, hurrying us along.


Quiet! Move Along!

We found ourselves in the artroom, where playful spooks hide behind the canvas.

Students linger about the rooms, trapped in a daze.


You’re useless! Get out of here!

Escaping from the sports storeroom, we landed at the courtyard, which was nowhere better.

A hysterical science teacher at the lab was dying to show us his experiments.


Please remain quiet.

The path turns into the library, which was deadly silent.

Studying Chinese… will definitely bring back horrible memories for some.

We were asked to be quiet… again, as we see gloomy Jing at the stairs… twice.


We have no other way to go, except to walk through an unsettling toilet, with surprises lurking about…

Be quiet…

We meet Jing again, but this time…

是你逼我的! 是你逼我的!!

You forced me! YOU FORCED ME TO DO IT!



With maniacal laughter and blood on her hands, Jing finally has her revenge.

About this haunted house

Jing’s Revenge narrates Jing’s tale with rapid progression – from social outcast to some sort of serial killer, in a matter of minutes. Throughout the tour of Hua Sin (or Hua Xing), we’ve met many of the school’s staff and students, and explored the twisted rooms – there are much more details to see than shown here, so do look at everything closely…

Many parts of the story are left wide open. Although the revenge portion was well served, going through the haunted house will definitely leave one with many unanswered questions. Are we experiencing some scenes from Jing’s perspective? Why was Jing bullied? Where did she hang herself? Why did she suddenly return? Who are the students and staff that are still lingering, and are they still alive? What is really wrong with the school?

Haunted schools (or places that look scary at some times of the day) bank on a certain suspense: Vacant rooms, long hallways, a play on elevation (things above and below) – clouded with a lingering, uncomfortable form of uncertainty. Unfortunately the park does not have the luxury to do that, unless we can be satisfied with a haunted house with only two rooms and a hallway. Instead of replicating the disturbing spaciousness of schools, Jing’s Revenge provides quick glimpses of the different rooms – just enough to keep your mind running wild.

Being one of the smallest haunted houses this year (and its walkways, narrow), this can either be the scariest or not. It’s up to your luck. I wouldn’t suggest coming here when the queues are long, because that whole congo-line effect (when slowdowns happen inside the house) ruins the whole experience. So… if you dare, try to get to Jing’s quickly after the Opening Scaremony and enter this haunted house on your own. She is dying to meet you… alone.

What do you think the story of this haunted house is all about? Did Jing really get her revenge in the end? Let us know in the comments!

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