Halloween Horror Nights 4 – Jack’s Nightmare Circus

Jack’s Nightmare Circus – With aerial acrobats and extreme stunts, Jack the Clown presents a thrilling stage show at Universal Studios Singapore for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 4. Check out this photo report of the entire show, where you will meet the cast of auditionees hoping to join Jack’s circus, including The Great Gordo Gamsby.

UPDATED 27/10 with all-new photos of the new contortion act and other freaky moments!

The show begins with a black and white silent film. Accompanied with excerpts of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, the film showed how Jack’s crew works together to lure and capture victims…

The same girl from the film appears with her red balloon. She pops it.

“Sweet dreams are made of this…. WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE!”

“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous.. Here we are now, ENTERTAIN ME!”

Jack introduces his cast and the reason for opening the circus tonight: He is going to hold auditions to search for a new act for his Nightmare Circus.

“You guys are gonna help me decide. Who lives… and who dies!”

“She’s very uh… bendy.”

“Yes yes, you’re all on top! They get so jealous!”

“BUT NOW, it’s time for the first audition.. SO IMPRESS ME.. and climb…”

“That was so depressing. Does he not get it? THIS IS A NIGHTMARE CIRCUS!”

Note: A new contortion act was introduced mid-season as a replacement for the aerial rope act.

A member of the audience was invited on stage by Jack, who has some tricks up his sleeve.

He became Jack’s newest plaything – almost like a ragdoll…


People are strange when you’re a stranger…

Fun fact: This performer has appeared somewhere else at HHN4. Do you know where? Check through the HHN4 index and to find him!

The boy continues to bend and contort his body, making the audience wince as he twists his body dramatically. Some of Jack’s girls attempt to show off their flexibility…

Not everyone was impressed, unfortunately.

And he was left to hang, alone.

Jack quickly calls up his goons to grab the second act.

“They say… bad luck comes in threes!”

Before letting the second act audition, the circus goes into a dance break.

Mary, Scary and Hairy

“These two are from the Italian city of Venice. Oh I just love it there. It’s so easy to drown people!”

Reluctantly, the duo skaters were forced by Jack to spin on a small dish.

Jack raises the stakes: The skaters perform increasingly complicated moves.

Verging towards death-defying…

Even then, the skaters failed to meet Jack’s high standards. They get the axe.

With no other alternatives, Jack has to unleash beast de resistance: The Animal. The girls set the stage, dancing seductively to a cover of Evil (Is Going On).

Jack unchains Gordo Gamsby, the Animal, who proceeds to perform a series of painful stunts…

Such as pushing a curled wire through the nose…

…and out of his mouth.

Where does this hook go?

“The ol’ ball-and-chain, or as I like to call it – MARRIAGE!”

A blade is being used for the next act. First, to test the sharpness…

Gordo Gamsby, with a sword in his throat, juggles torches.

If you’re seated at the front.. you may get a chance to pull the sword out.

“Did you like him more than me?? DID YOU??!! THIS IS MY SHOW!”

“THIS IS MY SHOW! JACK’S SHOW! You just had to get better than me, didn’t you?”

“I guess the star of my travelling circus is…. ME!”


After a depressing attempt by Shorty to audition, the cast breaks into a epic dance finale.

“And now you’re going to DIE!”

“Just kidding. You guys aren’t really going to die… Although that would make me really happy.”

The dance finale uses Beatfreakz’s Superfreak and a segment of Knife Party’s Internet Friends (VIP). It then goes back to the remix of Pharrell Williams’ Happy that has been interspersed throughout the show. Does anyone know which exact remix is that?

What do you think about this all-new stage show for Halloween? If you’ve watched it, share your thoughts, please!

Jack’s Nightmare Circus is performed during HHN4 event nights. This show is extremely popular, so be at the theatre early to get your seats!

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