Halloween Horror Nights 4 – DEMONCRACY

With the Minister of Evil in power, Demoncracy has taken over the world. Demons and fiends have emerged all over the streets, tormenting the last surviving humans. Witness the chaos in this photo tour of the scare zone at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 4.


SPOILERS: This entry depicts scenes and characters inside the scare zone.

GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGERY: Viewer discretion is advised.

The city is in a surreal state of chaos.

A demon’s welcome. Oddly, the demons are quite friendly after taking over the world.

The street is flooded in purple and blue, but often a burst of fire lends a warm touch to the city canvas.

Near the middle, the street violent pulls apart.

Survivors are left alone in this world – dazed, or in a state of hysteria.

They are overwhelmed by demons and beasts from the Netherworld.

Parading on the streets of destruction, the demons walk as the new leaders of the world.

Demoncracy brings a new atmosphere to New York – one that is fueled by destructive drama…

…but yet expressive – with harmoniously surreal colours.

There’s an odd sense of calmness in the destruction, even with the demons roaming around.

Three times a night, the death knell ringeth…

Demons gather at the steps of the New York Library, bringing the humans along.


The exorcism takes a turn into one that is explosive and filled with aerial spectacles.

Beside the library, two skeleton demons spin in the air.

(oh, a perfectly looped gif!)

The aerialists spin, in perfect alignment with burning wings, an insignia of the Minister of Evil.


Watch the show: Demons run amok in New York as a ritual turns dire.

When The Exorcism isn’t happening, the New York Library is a place to meet some rather unique scare actors.

About this scare zone

Being open and dynamic, Demoncracy is a complicated scare zone. It has two entrances and yet four exits (one leading to Bogeyman, the other as an entrance/exit to the Jing’s Revenge haunted house). There is definitely a lot to see and meet, but to experience how the entire environment plays out – requires time and patience. You must not only catch The Exorcism, but also walk around the street to immerse in the dream-like city in chaos.

During the launch event, there were many promises, such as the “earth-splitting crack and boiling lava”. These turned out to be not as dramatic as I thought. The quantity of large props and sets are understandably compact to accommodate the dynamic complexities of the entire New York zone. Even then, the idea of a chaotic city is left much to the imagination, when all we could see were some pieces of buildings, wrecked slopes and generally moody lighting. Perhaps in the future, the team could revisit this idea with a new solution to the space constraints.

As most guests are more interested in taking photos with the scare actors (than of them), some time and patience are required to get that few moments to see the human and demon scare actors interact. If you just walk through the area from end to end, don’t be surprised if it seems like the scare zone is lacking. It actually doesn’t.

The environment is certainly interesting than the past “modern city in destruction” attempted in Post-Apocalyptic Rage (HHN1) and Total Lockdown (HHN2). Stylistically, this is the most vibrant and colourful take on that genre. The unusual mix of colours gives the entire area a surreal look, almost like stepping into a comic book. As a theme park enthusiast, it is a joy to walk through just to look around. As a photographer, it’s just incredible. I urge everyone to not use flashes off their phones or compacts here (unless you know what you’re doing) – because the theatrical lighting here is perfect for available/ambient light photography.

What did you think about DEMONCRACY? Let us know your thoughts or any interesting things you’ve seen in this scare zone.

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