Halloween Horror Nights 4 – Bogeyman

In the world of the Bogeyman, lost children dance between shadows and warped scenes of terror. Explore this disquieting realm of nightmares and relive your darkest childhood fears in this special photo tour of the Bogeyman scare zone at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 4.


SPOILERS: This entry depicts scenes and characters inside the Scare Zone.

GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGERY: Viewer discretion is advised.

This giant wardrobe acts as the gateway into the realm of the Bogeyman.

Before we could enter, a distressed old lady approached us with a photograph and doll – belonging to her lost grandson.

Have you seen my grandson?? Please help me find my grandson. Please help…

In the closet, we found more people who are seeking lost loved ones. But they are caught in a trance.

The dream-like atmosphere quickly turns unsettling.

A drifting, haunting melody seeps in, we stare ahead. Scarecrows and dolls guard the way.

Photographs of the bizarre and grotesque: strewn all over, but meticulously curated, clearly.

News clippings of more missing persons.

Lost girls, seemingly entranced in the mist, are ready to attack.

Tread carefully, under the lifeless eyes of the dolls and scarecrows.

The road twists and we were forced to walk around dilapidated furniture… with certain surprises.

We then meet the master of fear, the Bogeyman.. in the flesh.

He tempts us to go further, into a dark corridor of cupboards… where no corner is safe.

Lined with broken cupboards and bedframes, the path ahead is dire, and full of terror.

Without sight, they are lost in the netherworld forever, condemned to frighten new victims.

Light ahead points to escape, but we need to pass a harrowing walk through a creepy playground.

This is where the dammed are lost forever.

At journey’s end: An old man helplessly cries for her daughter.

About this scare zone

With scare elements commonly found in haunted houses, Bogeyman reminded me of the “outdoor haunted houses” in 2011 and 2012. The overall atmosphere is unsettling, with the haunting melody and sounds of children drifting in the background. That is something that you have to go to HHN4 to experience it yourself.

There are certainly many gruesome sights and surprises lurking in the fog. Yet it is like a dream: the scares are here in a flash and gone without a trace. Many people I’ve went with said this is the most terrifying scare zone this year.

With this attraction being billed as a scare zone instead, it has a much shorter wait than the actual haunted houses. It is as if USS has given us a “bonus” haunted house.

So… could Bogeyman be the scariest scare zone in Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights history? Let us know what you think about it!

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Are you brave enough..?

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