Halloween Horror Nights 3 – Possessions

Possessions invites guests into a supposedly innocuous house-viewing. This spacious bungalow is well-furnished and filled with exotic (and possibly valuable!) items. With property prices surging everywhere, this could be a steal! Immediate sale available, but buyer beware – hauntings are part of the deal. SPOILERS AHEAD This entry includes photos of scenes inside the Possessions […]


Sentosa Spooktactular 2013 review

Thai horror films have come to life at Sentosa Spooktacular 2013. Five Haunted Trails, based on horror hits such as Coming Soon, Shutter, Body, Dorm and Pee Mak, await the brave and faint-hearted at the (supposedly haunted) Fort Siloso. Read this review and contemplate if you are strong enough to survive these nightmares. (more…)