Omotesando Koffee

Omotesando Koffee is a little coffee shop within a quiet Omote-sando residential district in Tokyo, Japan. Now that I’ve started my Café Tour in Singapore, I make it a point to visit some cafes overseas – just like my dear theme parks and attractions. Well, Omotesando Koffee is well-known for many reasons. It’s unexpected – […]


Tiferet Tea Room

Tiferet Tea Room – This tea cafe along East Coast Road is a quiet haven for lovers of Asian tea culture. Its modern, cozy look is a fresh twist from typical Chinese teahouses. On that one Sunday afternoon, a friend came all the way from The Northern Lands known as Yew Tee. We had a […]


Coast and Company

One Sunday morning, I took a walk down Siglap Drive to visit Coast and Company. An assortment of three, it’s a cafe, a bicycle workshop and an experience store, under one roof.


Yellow Cup Coffee

I’ve returned to Yellow Cup Coffee many times. With so many cafes opening all over the place, it’s a luxury to revisit a venue. It’s not that the cafe offers something that I could not get anywhere else. But when I’m around the area with my sister, there is a strong temptation for a short […]


My Awesome Cafe

My Awesome Cafe is noted by many foodies and cafe-hoppers as the must-visit spot along Telok Ayer Street. This retro-haven is a joy to visit for its food and ambiance.


Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee at Siglap is now officially in business, after weeks of soft-opening. I’d say it’s a relaxing spot that will be very welcomed by the community. Check out the cafe in this photo tour!


ROUSE on Dunlop

Meet ROUSE – a new café at 36 Dunlop Street, just moments away from the major construction going on at Jalan Besar. Yes, I’m jumping on the café-hopping bandwagon.