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Sentosa Spooktactular 2013 review

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 - Entrance

Thai horror films have come to life at Sentosa Spooktacular 2013. Five Haunted Trails, based on horror hits such as Coming Soon, Shutter, Body, Dorm and Pee Mak, await the brave and faint-hearted at the (supposedly haunted) Fort Siloso. Read this review and contemplate if you are strong enough to survive these nightmares.

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Halloween Horror Nights 3 review

HHN3 - Attack of the Vampires

With three times the evil, Universal Studios Singapore has raised the bar again. Find out why Halloween Horror Nights 3 is definitely an event not to be missed this year.

Editor’s Note: I felt I made a huge mess of an entry for last year’s HHN2 review which was too long and too messy to read. It was also difficult for readers to find the updated sections. Therefore this year I will separate all the content into different entries so that both writing and reading becomes manageable.

This HHN3 review will focus on the creative and “scare” aspects of the park’s special attractions. As for opinions on guest experience aspects (wait times, crowds, happenings, compliments and complaints, etc), please scroll down to Trip Reports, under the More… section. You might also find this Tips and Tricks guide to HHN3 useful.

And just like last year, scare zones will be explored in depth within their own feature articles, which will be released throughout October.

Quick Jump to section: Review | Scare Zones report | Haunted Houses report | More…

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Tokyo DisneySea – Port Discovery

Tokyo DisneySea - Port Discovery - StormRider

Heralded as the marina of the future, Port Discovery is a futuristic port at Tokyo DisneySea.

Unlike the other exotic destinations at Tokyo DisneySea, Port Discovery has a very metallic look – bright gold and teal panels dress the port, creating an imaginative future that is flourishing with technological innovations and explorations.

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Tokyo Disneyland – Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain - Queue Outdoor

Critter Country is the smallest themed area in Tokyo Disneyland and home to the classic Splash Mountain attraction.

While this area was built in its own little corner to house Splash Mountain, its rustic charm certainly feels like an in-between of Westernland and Fantasyland. Splash Mountain is also nestled next to the Haunted Mansion (although it’s impossible to see either attraction from the ride and queue). The other areas of Critter Country, including its shops and eateries, are extensions of the Splash Mountain attraction.

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