Halloween Horror Nights 4 – Survival Guide

Universal Studios Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Hollywood Boulevard

Find out how to beat the crowds and long queues for the Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 4 in this year’s Survival Guide! Fortune favours the prepared!


These are in no way definite or “perfect” tips, as the park conditions changes every night, all the time. Following this guide does not guarantee that you can clear all the park’s attraction and be home before midnight. Take the information here as general tips and plan your own itinerary for a fun and fear-filled night at Universal Studios Singapore!

Looking for the HHN4 review? Find out all about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 4 here!

1. Safety First!

Please be considerate at the park.

For the safety of performers and other park visitors, please do not touch or assault anyone in Haunted Houses and Scare Zones.

The scare actors are performers and they will not touch park guests. They are there to work as entertainers, and not to be attacked.

If you cause harm to performers and park guests, you will be expelled from the park.

Essentially, please keep your hands/arms/legs to yourself and do not cause trouble. Also, please do not use toy swords/wands/sceptres/etc to prod at or hit anyone and anything in the park.

What if I punch the scare actor? Can I hit the scare actors? Can I shout at them?
Physical and verbal abuse will NOT be tolerated. You will be expelled from the park.

What if I’m scared and acted on self-defense? I can’t control myself when it happens.
For the safety of all performers and guests, please do not enter the Haunted Houses and Scare Zones.

What if the scare actors touch me?
Performers will not touch guests.

2. What to wear? What to bring along?

Still thinking about your attire for HHN4? Fret not, because this is not some fancy nightclub!

Universal Studios Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Canyon of the Cursed
Dressing to kill? Don’t bother. Leave it to the park’s scare actors.

Just dress for comfort. The park is not fully air-conditioned. It can get very humid and stuffy even in the outdoor areas. Some special effects also use hot and cold air for running chills, which can be uncomfortable if you are overdressed.

And ladies, for your own safety, please do not wear heels and platform shoes. Most areas of scare zones are dark and haunted houses have rooms with uneven flooring or special effects on the ground.

What to bring?

To buy snacks, drinks and stuff like ponchos and souvenirs around the park. Pushcarts will only accept cash.

In case of rain. Much more comfortable than walking around in a poncho.

Portable/Foldable Fan
For your own comfort.

Smartphone, Portable video game console, etc
To pass the time while waiting in line.

Glowsticks, Glow Wristbands
A soft glow to calm your nerves while in Haunted Houses and scare zones. A lot less distracting than flashing accessories.

Things NOT to bring

Apart from the typical list of items not allowed in Universal Studios Singapore, please refrain from bringing the following:

Masks and/or Costumes. Guests are not allowed to wear masks or costumes in the park.

Flashlights, laser pointers. Please refrain from bringing these items into the park. Guests are not allowed to use them inside Haunted Houses.

Toy swords/wands/scepters, LED headgear of any kind. While the park sells these items, they are extremely annoying in Haunted Houses and affect the experience of other guests. Please be considerate. I’m not saying that you should not be allowed to buy them, but if you must, please switch them off inside Haunted Houses.

3. Be prepared for the odds

Where can I find everything? Where is the entrance to this and that?

Here’s a map of the park with the locations of 4 scare zones (in orange) and entrances to the four haunted houses (in red).

Universal Studios Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Guide map

A breakdown of attractions in each zone of the park:

– The Minister of Evil (Photo Opportunity Stage)
– Jack’s Nightmare Circus (Live Stage Show)

New York
– Jack’s 3-Dementia (Haunted House)
– Jing’s Revenge (Haunted House)
– DEMONCRACY (Scare Zone)
– The Exorcism (Street Show)
– Bogeyman (Scare Zone, entrance via Lights, Camera, Action)

Sci-Fi City
– Transformers: The Ride (Park Attraction)
– Sci-Fi City Chill Out Zone
– Accelerator (Park Attraction)

Ancient Egypt
– Canyon of the Cursed (Scare Zone)
– Revenge of the Mummy (Park Attraction)

The Lost World / Jurassic Park
– MATI CAMP (Haunted House)
– Scary Tales (Scare Zone)
– Canopy Flyer (Park Attraction)
– The L.A.B (Haunted House)

Far Far Away
– Enchanted Airways (Park Attraction)
– Shrek 4D (Park Attraction)

– Madagascar: A Crate Adventure (Park Attraction)

Park Event and Show Times

Note: Based on observations and information displayed during opening weekend. Timings may vary; check with park crew for latest information.

Park Admission

Approximate time park turnstiles are open and guests are allowed to enter Hollywood Boulevard.

Commences around 7:00PM. Give or take 10 minutes.

Park Opening Scaremony

Universal Studios Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Opening Scaremony still 4

The Minister of Evil will arrive to open the park for HHN4. The rest of the park is not open until after the show completes.

Actual show commences around 7:30~7:35PM. Pre-show protest will be staged between 7:10~7:30PM

Jack’s Nightmare Circus

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jack's Nightmare Circus - Boys and Girls

Welcome to Jack’s Nightmare Circus – full of spectacular and freaky acts!

8:15PM, 10:00PM, 11:45PM and 1:15AM.*

* Note: Show times subject to change each night. Check the boards in the park for most updated times.

Demoncracy – The Exorcism (New York Zone)

Universal Studios Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 4 - DEMONCRACY / The Exorcism

There is an elaborate acrobatic show held around the steps of the New York Library. Known as The Exorcism, three of such shows are held each night.

8:15PM 9:45PM 12:15AM*

* Note: Show times subject to change each night. Check the boards in the park for most updated times.

What if it rains during HHN4?

During inclement weather, this is what happens:
– Some scare zones may be temporarily closed.
– Some streets may be closed to divert traffic
– Scare actors may not roam at some areas.
– Outdoor rides, such as Canopy Flyer and Enchanted Airways may not operate during heavy rain. The rides will stop operations temporarily if lightning is detected.
– Guests may continue to queue for Jack’s 3-Dementia, Jing’s Revenge, MATI CAMP and The L.A.B, but be aware that the queue areas are not completely sheltered for all four Haunted Houses.

4. How long do I have to wait? What about HHN4 Express Pass?

Which is the most popular haunted house? Which one has the longest queue?

Off-Peak Nights

Here is a chart showing average minimum and maximum wait time, in minutes. According to data from opening weekend nights.

Haunted House Minimum Average Maximum
Jack’s 3-Dementia 5 40 60+
Jing’s Revenge 10 30 60+
MATI CAMP 20 55 75+
The L.A.B 15 50 75+

Sold Out (Max Capacity) Nights

Here is a chart showing average minimum and maximum wait time, in minutes. According to data from sold-out nights

Haunted House Minimum Average Maximum
Jack’s 3-Dementia 30 60 120+
Jing’s Revenge 40 75 120+
MATI CAMP 40 75 120+
The L.A.B 45 75 120+

Note: Conditions vary from night to night, wait times always flucuate.
Minimum: Lowest wait times, happening about 30 minutes after opening, 45 minutes before closing.
Average: Stabilised wait times between 8:30PM ~ 11:30PM.
Maximum: Longest wait times noted.

What is HHN4 Express Pass?

Express Passes allow guests to use the Universal Express queue lane at attractions. Do note that “Express” does not mean “instant”. Express passes are sold in most shops in the park, and some pushcarts will also have them available. The price for express passes are dynamic and are expected to increase during event nights!

How long is wait for the HHN Express Lane?

There will still be a short wait, but it is usually much lower than the normal line: e.g: A 5-10 minute wait, instead of 45-75+ minutes in the normal line.

Where can I use my HHN4 Express Pass?

It’s valid for single use at each following attraction per pass:
Jack’s Nightmare Circus, Jack’s 3-Dementia, Jing’s Revenge, MATI CAMP, The L.A.B, Transformers: The Ride, Accelerator, Revenge of the Mummy, Enchanted Airways, Shrek 4D, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure.

Not valid for use at Canopy Flyer. As Lights, Camera, Action (LCA) is not open during HHN4, the Express Pass entitlement for that attraction can be used at any other attraction offering express, as a “bonus”.

NOTE: As of 11th October, HHN4 Express Passes will no longer include Express Lane access at Jack’s Nightmare Circus. The “bonus” LCA access is also removed.

Do you need Express Pass? It depends. If you stay at the park for its full six hours of event time, there should be adequate time to wait for all four haunted houses. But I’m sure you don’t want spend all that time waiting in line. Logically, the key is to enter at the right time – not when the queues are at the longest.

I can’t spend $50++ on this… but I really really want to go to all the haunted houses! How?

Every year, readers would email me for ways of clearing the park’s attractions without Express passes. Yes, $50~70 is a steep amount to pay for priority access to the park’s attractions. However, with this event being extremely popular, on some nights it may be the only way to experience all attractions. But if you have luck on your side, it could be easier than you think. You may not even need to follow this suggested strategy.

“No Express Pass” strategy

Universal Studios Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jack's 3-Dementia queue
There is always a way without express passes. You need three things: Speed, Patience and Luck.

Like the years before, one possible strategy is to skip the park’s usual attractions (the rides) and hit all haunted houses as early as possible. The other tactic is to experience the haunted houses before the park is about to close.


Several thousand readers view this HHN4 guide every day. Not everyone will use all tips and tricks, but if many people follow this guide, it may cause longer wait times for some haunted houses. Therefore, please have alternative plans if that happens!

Running around the park is dangerous. Please be considerate of the safety of others. Be aware of your surroundings and do not push your way through people. Also, DO NOT run into scare actors, park guests, props and other objects. Also, please run only if you are fit to do so… You don’t want to injure yourself or faint before reaching the haunted houses!

PLAN A: Rapid Rush of Fear Speedrun

1. Be at park gates at 6:30pm. Wait for gates to be open and line up in front of the turnstiles. Line up neatly, at the RIGHT lanes (the signs either display “ENTRY” or “HALLOWEEN”).
2. Once the ticket scanning frenzy starts (around 7PM), get your tickets validated at the turnstile and move into the park quickly.
3. You will have to wait for the HHN4 opening ceremony at Hollywood to start at around 7:30PM. This is a show that will take about 5 minutes. The entire park will then be open after this show. Move quickly to each haunted house. Do not push or shove other guests and staff.

The suggested order of visiting haunted houses would be:

MATI CAMP → The L.A.B → Jing’s Revenge → Jack’s 3-Dementia

Note: Access to The L.A.B via Scary Tales scare zone.

Universal Studios Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 4 - MATI CAMP entrance with zero wait time
Quick march your way to MATI CAMP immediately after the Opening Scaremony!

If the odds are with you, and you can run fast… all 4 houses can be cleared wayyyy before 10:00PM. Even if you don’t run fast, you should be able to clear two houses by 9:00PM. That leaves 4+ hours for everything else.

Dejiki’s Rush of Fear Speedrun times for 4th October:
7:35PM MATI CAMP (0 mins wait)
7:45PM The L.A.B (10 mins wait, move ahead of the crowd and do not be stalled by other guests)
8:05PM Jing’s Revenge (15 mins wait)
8:20PM Jack’s 3-Dementia (5 mins wait!!)

Dejiki’s Rush of Fear Speedrun times for 5th October:
7:35PM MATI CAMP (0 mins wait)
7:45PM The L.A.B (20 mins wait)
8:30PM Jing’s Revenge (30 mins wait)
9:10PM Jack’s 3-Dementia (5 mins wait!!)

PLAN B: The Stage Show Opportunist

Two shows held in Hollywood and New York will affect the wait times for nearby haunted houses, such as Jing’s Revenge and Jack’s 3-Dementia. To use PLAN B, you will forgo watching a performance at that specific time.

1. When you’re at the park, verify the show times for Jack’s Nightmare Circus (at Pantages Hollywood Theatre) and The Exorcism (at Demoncracy), as they may not be the same as the ones listed below due to scheduling adjustments.
2. With the show times in mind, plan and queue for The L.A.B or MATI CAMP haunted houses. You must also spare an extra 15 minutes on top of the wait time for the haunted houses to walk back to the front of the park.

Jack’s Nightmare Circus affects many attractions

At 8:15PM, 10:00PM, 11:45PM and 1:15AM*, Jack’s Nightmare Circus will be performed at Pantages Hollywood Theatre. Between 10 minutes before and 20 minutes after, the wait time for Jack’s 3-Dementia (and some other attractions, such as Jing’s Revenge) will drop, or at least stabilise. However, once the show concludes, wait time will rise very quickly again.

* Note: Show times subject to change each night. Check the boards in the park for most updated times.

Demoncracy: The Exorcism (New York Zone) affects Jing’s Revenge

At 8:15PM, 9:45PM and 12:15AM* three shows are held at the steps of New York Library. This would cause the wait time for Jing’s Revenge to stabilize. If you are able to weave your way to the entrance of Jing’s Revenge, you can save a bit of time. Be warned! Immediately after the show, the wait time for this haunted house will shoot up.

* Note: Show times subject to change each night. Check the boards in the park for most updated times.

PLAN C: Closing Time

If you have plans to stay at the park until it closes, the wait times would be at its shortest, as park guests start to leave at around 11:00PM.

1. At around 12:30AM, check the wait times and prioritise to go to either houses at the far end of the park first: MATI CAMP or The L.A.B.
2. Work your way back to Jing’s Revenge (walk through Canyon of the Cursed)
3. Head to Jack’s 3-Dementia

Note: If the queue for haunted houses are still very long at 1:00AM, the park may choose to close the lines early so that everyone can leave the park on time.

5. Making your final escape home


If you’re thinking of leaving by a cab, you may want to leave before 11:00PM to avoid a long line at the RWS taxi stand at the basement carpark. Note that a $3 Surcharge applies for taxis leaving the resort, among other surcharges.

Free Shuttle Bus Service

RWS offers complimentary shuttle to Clementi MRT, Toa Payoh MRT and Bedok MRT. Approach the RWS Coach Bay to board these buses. Capacity is subject to availability, so do leave the park earlier to secure your seat.

The shuttle buses leave the coach bay at 1.00AM, 1.30AM, 2.00AM

Sentosa Express (Monorail)

Planning to take the monorail out of Sentosa (to Vivocity?) The last train leaves from Beach Station at 12:00AM. Better get to the Waterfront station (closest to RWS) before 11:30PM.

Night Rider Bus Service

Two Night Rider services are available from Resorts World Sentosa. NR1 and NR6 are available on Fridays, Saturdays & eve of Public Holidays. These buses depart from the RWS Coach Bay from 11:30PM to 2:30AM. A flat fee of $4.50 applies.

Survived the night?

How did your night at HHN4 go? Share with us any notable experience at the park! Also, if you did the mad rush after the opening scaremony, please let me know your speed record times for clearing Haunted Houses! 😉

Looking for the HHN4 review? Find out what’s good and scary at Halloween Horror Nights 4 here!

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