Halloween Horror Nights 2 – Bizarre Bazaar


At last, we step into a bazaar in Ancient Egypt. In this small crowded marketplace lies several mysterious stalls, where macabre businesses operate and strange gruesome rituals never end. Stroll at your own risk, and be careful what you bargained for.

Domains of Fear is a series of features offering extended coverage on Halloween Horror Nights 2 at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). These feature articles complement the Halloween Horror Nights 2 review.

Each entry will focus a specific element of Halloween Horror Nights 2 (HHN2). For this third issue, we will enter an exotic marketplace of oddities in Ancient Egypt, aptly named Bizarre Bazaar.

Domains of Fear: House of Dolls | Total Lockdown | Bizarre Bazaar | Final Night

Bizarre Bazaar


The High Priest bids you welcome to the Bizarre Bazaar. Here, death is celebrated as life and nothing is too strange or unreal. Where the freaks and monsters thrive on human sacrifice, in this market place of tortured souls.
Source: Halloween Horror Nights 2 – Survival Guide


Right at the entrance to Bizarre Bazaar, the High Priest performs a ritual – he slices from a human victim, alive, with an ornate blade.



The High Priest waits for his next victim.

The snake woman, with a real snake.


The Mystic awaits – would you stay to hear what she has to say?

She could see right into your soul…

Bazaar is full of peddlers and roaming beggars, drunk in the bewildering lights and strange musical orchestration.

If you need any spare body parts, be sure to find this peddler and his cart.

Open sarcophagus sale!

Rather have some smaller souvenirs? Be sure to enquire with the Shaman and have a look at his collection of skulls and bones.

Or witness another heart-stopping ritual – literally, as the victim gets his heart ripped out.

Leopard humanoids torture another victim.

Shall we dance?

Be dazzled by twirling and spinning flames with an incredible performance by these two dancers – entwined in a dance of light and shadow.

There might also be a flash mob here where Bazaar characters engage in a trance-like dance.

Walkthrough Video

Step into Bizarre Bazaar in this walkthrough video, but beware of what you bargained for. Captured with the bustle and crowds definitive of any bazaar, with some surprises. Recorded on 21/10/12

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